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Study On Sharing Model And Mechanisms Of University Digital Educational Resources Under The Cloud Computing Environment

Posted on:2012-03-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330368479525Subject:Education Technology
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In the 21st century, China has entered a new era which the higher education is changing from elite education to mass education. Universities are also increasingly becoming the cluster center of a lot of talent and resources within the region. However, as the conflicts between society's unlimited demand for excellent higher education resources and the limited supply of outstanding higher education resources are increasingly becoming acute. In this background, promoting the open sharing of educational resources becomes necessary. In recent years, although construction of higher education resource sharing has made great achievements, because of outdated ideas, technical limitations, institutional constraints and other reasons, the effects of educational resource sharing is poor and need to constantly improve.The rapid development of cloud computing has a profound impact on all sectors. The cloud computing is not only a new technology, but also a new idea and service model. Integrating the cloud computing into the field of education, the study, how to improve the educational resource sharing using the cloud computing, has some theoretical and practical significance.According to the above context, the paper identified the following research contents:Firstly, the overview of cloud computing,including concept, character, history, research and practice at home and abroad. That make people have a complete and clear understanding about the cloud computing.Secondly, through studies of literature and case, discussing the theory and practice of educational resource sharing, in order to sum up experience and found insufficient. That will be a solid foundation for this study. Thirdly, in order to have deeper learning of the sharing status and needs of digital educational Resources, taking the university and college of Zhejiang Province as an example, Author prepares and releases the survey questionnaire of digital Educational Resources sharing.Fourthly, on base of analyzing the technology architecture and service architecture of the cloud computing, and the current status of digital educational resources sharing of university and college, the paper proposes the Models and frameworks of sharing model of university digital educational resources under the cloud computing environment. The project consists of three aspects:cloud sharing model of campus, cloud sharing model of college-college and cloud sharing model of college-society. This part is the core of the paper.Finally, in order to achieve effective sharing of digital educational resources, perfect and Systematic mechanisms are necessary, besides good model. This part discusses some measures of improving effective sharing of university digital educational resources under the cloud computing environment.
Keywords/Search Tags:colleges and universities, digital educational resources, Present sharing status, sharing models, sharing mechanisms
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