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Research On The Practical Teaching Quality Assurance System Of Elementary Education

Posted on:2020-08-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330575463784Subject:Higher Education
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Under the background of the transition of basic education from basic equilibrium to high-quality equilibrium,with the implementation of the strategy of rural revitalization,the state has implemented a series of rural education development policies and clearly proposed to expand the scale of directional training of rural teachers and practical teaching.The quality assurance system of practical teaching is the institutional guarantee to promote practical teaching and the precondition to improve the quality of teachers' education and teaching.Improving the quality assurance system of practical teaching for directional training of primary education specialty and improving the quality of personnel training is not only an objective requirement to improve the level of running normal colleges and universities,but also an effective way to train high-quality teachers and educators,which is of great significance to the development of basic education in rural areas of China.In order to truly reflect the operation of the current practice teaching quality assurance system of primary education specialty in China,clarify the existing problems of the current practice teaching quality assurance system,and seek to build a more reasonable and effective practice teaching quality assurance system.Firstly,this paper defines the concepts of primary general practitioners,practical teaching and quality assurance system,and elaborates the theoretical basis involved in the study;secondly,it analyses the training objectives and training specifications of primary education professional training;thirdly,it analyses the practical teaching quality of primary general practitioners' directional training specialty through three schools in An Hui Province.Based on the investigation and analysis of the actual situation of the quantity guarantee system,this paper draws a conclusion that there are some problems in the quality guarantee system of the practical teaching of primary education specialty,such as the separation of the practical teaching objectives from the reality,the unreasonable setting of practical courses,the insufficient understanding of practical teaching,the poor emphasis of schools and the operating mechanism,etc.It also sums up and reveals the problems from the concepts,systems,subjects,hardware and so on.Finally,from the perspective of improving the quality of practical teaching in primary education and improving its quality assurance system,the quality assurance system of practical teaching is further constructed from the five dimensions of goal,organization,assurance,evaluation and feedback.
Keywords/Search Tags:General Teachers in Primary Schools, Practice Teaching, Quality Assurance
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