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Analysis And Countermeasures Of The Change Of Employment Structure In Inner Mongolia Under The New Normal

Posted on:2020-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330578459891Subject:Industrial Economics
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At present,China's economic development has shifted from high-speed growth to high-quality development,and the industrial structure has shifted from the low-end to the middle-to-high-end.Under the influence of the complex and volatile international economic environment,the low economic cycle and the multiple overlapping factors of supply-side structural reforms,the economic and employment in Inner Mongolia are facing unprecedented pressure.The employment structure also has some new features: Employment structure of supply and demand become more prominent deviation,which is characterized by “difficulties in recruiting workers” and “difficult employment”.The professional education structure does not match the demand of market talents.The optimization of talent structure lags behind the changes in economic structure.The structural imbalance between regions leads to the bias of labor.Etc.These will have an important impact on the economic development and social stability of Inner Mongolia.In the face of the complex and ever-changing economic and social situation,what kind of policy measures will Inner Mongolia adopt to promote the matching of economic structure and employment structure,reduce the deviation of employment supply and demand structure,improve the fit of employers and job seekers,effectively increase employment,evade or resolve unemployment Risk,maintain social and economic stability? This is a major development issue that cannot be evaded by current economic and social development,and this is also the central topic of this paper.Based on the research of high-speed economic growth to high-quality development and deepening the supply-side industrial structure reform,this paper sorts out the current situation of Inner Mongolia's economic scale and population scale on the basis of reviewing and summarizing the research on employment structure;analyzing the employment of Inner Mongolia under the new normal background.The dynamic evolution of the structure in the three industries,various industries,various economic organizations,regions,and the reasons for the changes;the employment evolution and trends of the three industries are measured by the deviation of the industrial structure and the employment structure;The impulse response analysis of the structure measures the economic growth of the labor transfer between industries;through the employment elasticity model,calculates the employment elasticity of the sub-sector,measures the wholesale and retail industries in the tertiary industry,accommodation and catering industry,real estate industry,etc.Drive the employment effect.On this basis,it proposes measures to promote the employment structure and economic structure,create a good employment environment,and optimize human resource training and retraining.
Keywords/Search Tags:economic growth rate decline, employment supply and demand structure deviation, employment structure equilibrium
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