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Impact Of Employment Structure Adjustment On Economic Growth In Hebei Province

Posted on:2020-01-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y N GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2417330596484803Subject:Applied Statistics
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The report of the 19 th national congress of the CPC put employment as the top priority for people's livelihood.The problem of employment is closely related to the people.At present,there are some problems of employment structural in Hebei province.For example,economic growth and adjustment of industrial structure have not drive the transfer of labor to more efficient production sectors.This paper argues that the researching on the relationship between employment structure and industrial structure in Hebei province,and the impact of changes in employment structure on economic growth are good for formulating correct strategies for economic development.Only in this way can we ensure the adjustment of the employment structure and the steady development of economic in Hebei province.Firstly,this paper use the degree of structural deviation and correlation index to reflect the present situation of employment structure in Hebei province.By comparing the degree of structural deviation,this paper finds that there are too many employees in the primary industry and there are too few workers in the secondary industry and tertiary industry.By observing the changes of the coordination index,this paper finds that the coordination index between industrial structure and employment structure is getting higher and higher in Hebei province.Secondly,this paper use Moore structure value as an indicator to measure the evolution process of industrial structure and employment structure,use GDP growth rate as the indicator of economic growth.And this paper uses VAR model to analyze the relationship between employment structure,industrial structure and economic growth.This paper finds that the optimization of employment structure will promote economic growth in Hebei province.Thirdly,on the basis of C-D production function model,this paper separates employment structure effect from Total Factor Productivity through mathematical derivation,and estimates the contribution of employment structure effect model to economic growth in Hebei province.Finally,this paper uses method of comparative analysis to study the effect of employment structure in Hebei province.By comparing the effects of employment structure changes on economic growth in different stages in Hebei province,the paper draw a conclusion that the employment structure effect shows upside-down U shape change.By comparing the differences of employment structure effect between Hebei province and other economically developed provinces,this paper finds the deficiency of Hebei province in optimizing industrial structure and adjusting employment structure.This paper finds that the change of employment structure can promote economic growth in Hebei province.In order to promote the economic development,we should optimize the employment structure.First,We should relax employment policies and encourage the transfer of surplus agricultural labor.Second,we should optimize the internal structure and improve the labor productivity in the secondary industry.Third,we should develop technologies and expand the employment space in the tertiary industry.Finally,we should seize the opportunity of the times to undertake non-capital function from Beijing.
Keywords/Search Tags:Employment structure, Economic growth, VAR model, Model of employment structure effect
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