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Research On Physical Exercise Of Female Teachers In Universities In Yulin City From The Perspective Of National Fitness

Posted on:2020-10-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330590461907Subject:Physical Education
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The Outline of the National Fitness Program promulgated in 1995 emphasizes "attaching importance to the physical fitness and health of women and the elderly,actively supporting them to participate in physical fitness activities,paying attention to the sports work of female workers with greater labor intensity and less leisure time";the new National Fitness Program promulgated in 2016 also emphasizes the development of sports for workers,farmers,women and children in 2017;In the report of the Nineteenth National Congress,Secretary-General Xi pointed out that "extensive national fitness activities should be carried out to speed up the construction of a strong sports country".With the continuous implementation of the national fitness program,the physical health of the broad masses in the process of participating in physical exercise is also undergoing positive changes.Women teachers in Colleges and universities are a special group.They have dual identities of intellectuals and women.There is an irreplaceable position in scientific research and life.Their physical and mental health should be widely concerned.This paper takes 80 in-service female teachers(non-sports majors)of Yulin College and 80 in-service female teachers of Yulin Vocational and Technical College and the relevant responsible persons as the objects of investigation.By using the methods of documentation,questionnaire,expert interview and mathematical and physical analysis,this paper makes an analysis of the actual situation of female teachers' exercise in Yulin Colleges and Universities,and understands the influencing factors of female teachers' participation in physical exercise in Yulin Colleges and Universities.Analysis of the causes.The results are as follows:(1)The female teachers' satisfaction with their health decreases with age.The physical condition of female teachers is not optimistic.(2)From the aspect of understanding and attitude of physical exercise,female teachers in Yulin universities have a general understanding of the Outline of the National Fitness Program,but have a positive attitude towards participating in physical exercise.More than 60% of female teachers express their preference for physical exercise.Most female teachers have a clear understanding of the functions of physical exercise and have clear motivation for physical exercise,but they are under great pressure of life and work and are idle.The phenomenon of "high knowledge but low behavior" exists for the reasons of less leisure time.(3)As for the characteristics of physical exercise behavior,most female teachers in Yulin University choose to do physical exercise in the evening.Generally speaking,the frequency of weekly exercise is lower and the time of each exercise is shorter.However,the frequency of weekly exercise and the length of each exercise will increase with the increase of the age of female teachers.Female teachers' physical exercise choices are basically simple sports,such as walking,running,balls,dancing and other venues and equipment.The main choice of exercise venues is Community streets and school stadiums near home.Most of the forms of exercise organization choose to exercise with relatives and friends.(4)In terms of sports expenditure and sports consumption,the sports expenditure of female teachers in Yulin universities is relatively low.Physical consumption is mainly physical consumption,and the consumption form is single.It mainly focuses on the purchase of sports shoes,hats and equipment.(5)As for the effect of physical exercise,half of the female teachers think that physical exercise can improve physical fitness and sleep quality,then reduce work pressure and improve body shape.A few female teachers think that physical exercise can improve sports skills and alleviate disease symptoms.Another fifth of the female teachers choose physical exercise to bring nothing.(6)There are many factors affecting female teachers' physical exercise.There are subjective and objective factors,such as inadequate leisure time,poor willpower of female teachers,neglect of school and lack of organization of female teachers' physical exercise.Based on the above findings and in view of the current situation of female teachers' physical exercise in Yulin universities,this paper puts forward corresponding suggestions:(1)the government: improve the policy system of female teachers' physical exercise,strengthen the publicity of national fitness;(2)schools: create an atmosphere of physical exercise,establish an evaluation system,provide health guidance;(3)female teachers themselves: strengthen the ideological importance of physical exercise and implement action.
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