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A Study On The Quality Assurance Of The Sino-foreign Cooperative Higher Education In China

Posted on:2020-02-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330590483846Subject:Public Management
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The Sino-foreign cooperation in highereducation begins as a supplement of China's Educationsince the 1980 s.After more than 30 years,it is no longer the supplement,it becomes one of the most important part of the education in China.After the publication of the Outline of the National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development(Year 2010-2020),quality assurance(QA)becomes the main concern of the Sino-foreign cooperation.The Sino-foreign cooperation in higher education encountered with the new opportunities and challenges.That makes the Sino-foreign cooperation focus on improving quality and efficiency of itself and serving the overall situation and enhancing capability.This paper is written in five parts:The first part is an introduction to this paper,including the background,the purpose and the significance of this paper.Defined the related concepts of QA of Sino-foreign cooperative running of Higher Education.In the second part,based on reading the literature that has been studied and the theoretical study about QA,this paper summarizes the developing stage,the present QA situation of the Sino-foreign cooperation in higher education.And conclude the necessity and significance of constructing a teaching quality assurance System.In the third part,we take “A” Institute,“H” University as a case,analyzed the present situation of its QA system.Then try to find out the problems through questionnaires and interviews,and makes an attribution analysis of its reason from the external and internal QA systems.In the fourth part,we studied the QA systems of UK and Australia,both countries use the independent organization to be the national QA and regulatory agency for higher education.And they take very good use of the Social Evaluation Resources.These experiences are very valuable to us when we build a QA system in China.In the last part of this paper,we propose several enlightenments to the building and improving of both external and internal part of the QA systems in the joint higher education in China.An effective QA system can constantly guarantee and improving the quality of cooperative education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher Education, Teaching Quality Assurance, Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools
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