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The Exploration Of Higher Education Under The International Background Of Sino-foreign Cooperation In Running Schools

Posted on:2008-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R Q ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360218450284Subject:Higher Education
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Since the beginning of reform and opening up,along with the deepening and development of the economic globalization and educational internationalization, Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (SFCRS)emerged as the times require, through the SFCRS,it will bring about many advantages such as introduction of advanced educational resources,acceleration of opening-up and reform in the educational field,and narrowing educational gap between China and developed countries.It is obvious that China's reform of educational administrative system has benefited from the Sino-foreign cooperative education.In recent years,especially since the accession into WTO,a great variety of Sino-foreign joint-run educational institutions have come into being like mushrooms,specially in institutions of higher learning,SFCRS have achieved rapid development.The scale has been expanded gradually, and the levels have raised continuously, a variety of models appeared . Meanwhile , the developments were accompanied with many new problems.Therefore,it is essential to reinforce the researches on SFCRS.This dissertation centers on the main clue to develop:motives,the past,models,the presence,achievements,problems and the suggestions to develop healthy.Firstly, analyze the motives of SFCRS,then describe the process of development and the existing models,then on the basis of the analysis of the current situation of the SFCRS,identify existing problems and the achievement,immediately after the presentation and analysis of the results achieved and experience in the process of cooperation in running school of the college of European culture and commerce of shanghai normal university,then provide information and references for SFCRS.Based on the previous parts,it provides some related suggestions:firstly,make clear the motives of running schools and correcting the direction of running schools;secondly,make the education department to strengthen the overall planning of running schools;the third,construct monitoring system to intensify supervision;the fourth,increase schools efforts to improve the quality of running schools gradually; the fifth,increase investment in the western region to promote balanced development of running schools;lastly,stick to the correct direction of running schools,preserving china's education sovereignty.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sino-foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (SFCRS), case study, problem, suggestion
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