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Study On The Evolution Of Employment Structure In Jilin Province

Posted on:2021-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J B LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330623977951Subject:Population, Resources and Environmental Economics
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Employment of population is one of the important factors related to regional economic development and social harmony and stability.Along with economy get into the stage of high quality development,the evolution of population employment structure deserves more attention,both relationship not only mutual restriction,but also mutual promotion.As an important part of economic structure,employment structure is one of the measure indices of national economic development.By studying its evolution and analyzing the correlation among employment structure,industrial structure and economic development,we can find out whether employment and economic development are in harmony,and the development direction of employment structure,and make a reasonable prediction.In recent 30 years,along with our country socialist market economy system deep reformation,the economic development of Jilin Province has fallen into a bottleneck,and the employment structure has also changed significantly in Jilin Province.If we can judge the direction of evolution of employment structure through data analysis,and to judge the absorptive capacity of different industries for employment,as well as the matching degree of employment structure and industrial structure in Jilin Province,it will provide strong theoretical support and future guidance for the government to formulate scientific policies of industry and employment to ensure the long-term and healthy development of economy,furthermore,it will promote industrial layout adjustment,optimization and upgrading,and promote the coordinated and efficient development of the three industries,and realize a new round of economic revitalization of Jilin.Our study uses a large number of empirical analysis to analyse the industrial structure of employment,the urban-rural structure of employment,the regional structure of employment,the ownership structure of employment and the knowledge structure of employment,and systematic study of the evolution of employment in Jilin Province.Meanwhile,we make a descriptive analysis of the employment and economic development and the composition of the employment of Jilin Province by using the statistical data,and further analyze the relationship between the employment structure and economic growth of Jilin Province.From the study,we draw the following conclusions:First,the population and economy of Jilin Province are relatively stable,and the employment structure of labor force changes with the economic development and industrial structure adjustment.Second,the employment scale and structure of population in Jilin Province show a general trend of change consistent with the industrial structure,but there are differences in the range of change and the composition of the industry.Third,Jilin province still has great potential in economic growth and employment.Fourth,there are differences in the employment structure of the population in all cities and prefectures of Jilin Province.The number of people employed in the primary industry and all regions is decreasing.The number of people employed in the secondary industry and all regions varies greatly.The number of people employed in the tertiary industry is increasing in all regions.Fifth,the employment structure and industrial structure in Jilin Province are unbalanced.Among all regions,only Changchun is in a relatively better situation,but there are still many deep-seated contradictions to be solved in the transformation and upgrading,and other regions are slow in overall development and facing greater difficulties.
Keywords/Search Tags:Employment structure, economic structure, industrial structure, economic development
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