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On The Path Of Shenzhen Technological Innovation Talent Reform Under The New Age

Posted on:2020-08-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2427330599954403Subject:Marxism in China
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Entering the "new era",innovation drives and promotes development into a consensus.The essence of innovation drive is talent-driven.Science and technology talents are closely linked to the development of modern social productivity and become a strategic resource to promote social development.The "new era" has pointed out the direction for the deepening reform of various business systems in China.How to adjust the science and technology talent system,adapt to the development requirements of the "new era",and further stimulate the development potential of science and technology talents is an important issue that must be answered to promote innovation and development.Shenzhen's scientific and technological innovation resources are innately lacking.Through effective system reform,innovation and development have been greatly promoted,and a unique innovation path has emerged,becoming a famous“innovation capital”.Entering the "new era",Shenzhen has entered a new era of quality development,and how to promote innovation and development towards higher quality is a problem that must be considered.The development of Shenzhen is inseparable from the development of human resources and promote the sustainable development of Shenzhen.The first priority is to promote the innovation of the science and technology talent system,so as to promote the scientific and technological talent team and innovation development.To this end,this paper analyzes and summarizes the development requirements of the "new era" science and technology talent system,from the scientific and technological personnel policy recovery and adjustment stage,the scientific and technological personnel system market transformation stage,the industrial upgrading to promote the science and technology talents accumulation stage,and strengthen the scientific and technological talent innovation In the four stages of initiative,we have longitudinally reviewed the development process of the science and technology talent system in Shenzhen sincethe reform and opening up so as to fully understand the Shenzhen science and technology talent system and its impact on social and economic development.Based on the present,Shenzhen Science and Technology Talents System has many problems in terms of“leading talents”,“retaining talents”,“using talents”and “evaluating talents”.It is problem-oriented and based on the development requirements of the“new era” science and technology talent system.It is the foothold of this paper to propose the optimization measures for the science and technology talent system.
Keywords/Search Tags:New Era, Scientific and Technological Innovation Talents, Institutional optimization
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