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The Relationship Among Sense Of Life Meaning,Learning Burnout And Negative Life Events In Senior High School Students And Group Counseling Intervention Of Meaning In Life

Posted on:2020-03-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In recent years,The National College Entrance Examination encountered a severe situation.The senior high school students inevitably put a lot of time on the preparation of it because of heavier burden of homework and plenty of mockup examination.This becomes an extra large pressure and let all the students be learning burnout at some degree.Actually,the time in senior high school is also the period of growing up.When the students face the learning pressure,there exists the change in psychology,physiology and learning environment on the other hand.Negative live events like learning burden,human relationship,adaptation to environment,health problem exist everywhere.This study pinpoints the relationship between the learning burnout and negative live events.Any interaction in between and how the meaning in life can moderate these two.We are also going to see how group counseling intervention can improve the sense of life meaning.And what is the theory and practice to help student to release the feeling of learning burnout.This study consists of two parts.Part 1,using of three tables,adolescent self-rating life event check list,Adolescent learning burnout scale,the meaning in life questionaire.Questionnaire of these had been sent to 330 senior high school students of school in Ning Bo.The return was 306 which were reasonably answered.With the help of SPSS20.0 for data analysis and processing,we got the relationship between live events,learning burnout and the meaning in life.Part 2,designed the group counseling scheme of the meaning in life.Randomly selected two classes of high school grade 1 from sample of part 1.Examined to make sure that there was no significant difference between them.One class to be an contral group and the other class to be an experimental group.Interventions were given to the experimental group while keep the contral group intact.Then both of the two groups did post-test,repeated the questionnaire in part 1 for both classes.Conclusion of study:1.Both total score at learning burnout and average score at other dimensions did not exceed the medium value.The low sense of achievement was the most near to medium value,and it was the most serious.While the followup aspect was physical and mental exhaustion,and the least aspect was academic alienation.2.There was no significant difference at learning burnout in regard of sex or dormitory environment.But in regard of class grade and independent child,the physical and mental exhaustion dimension had a significant difference,while low sense of achievement dimension and academic alienation dimension were not so that.3.Positive correlation existed between learning burnout and life event,while negative correlation existed between learning burnout and sense of life meaning.4.Life event predicted a tendency to learning burnout,and the sense of life meaning had moderate effect on the relationship between life event and learning burnout.5.Group counseling of the meaning in life can effectively improve the sense of life meaning.Meanwhile,this can decrease the phenomenon of learning burnout.
Keywords/Search Tags:Sense of life meaning, learning burnout, Moderate effect, Group counseling
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