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The Build Of Enterprise Network Capability For The Perspective Of Organizational Learning

Posted on:2015-09-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2429330452965594Subject:Business management
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With the deepening of economic integration, internal and external environment havechanged, by virtue of their own to gain a sustainable competitive advantage no longerexists, network relationships with suppliers, customers and competitors and otherexternal organizations to become enterprises to gain competitive advantage shortcut, sohow enterprises to enhance network capacity has become the key to sustainabledevelopment of enterprises. The core competence of enterprise development is based onability of enterprises to accumulate knowledge and application of knowledge, a lot offactors that affect the ability of the enterprise network, such as Elements of networkresources elements and the institutional environment in which businesses and otherfactors, this paper argues that the size of organizational learning ability is one of the mainfactors affecting the ability of the enterprise network, in the process of "mutual learning",enterprise enhance the ability to adapt network environment, the ability of respond tomarket, technology and information, etc.On the basis of studies of other scholars, the paper with Network Visioncapabilities, Network building capacity, Network relationship management capabilitiesand Network utilization capacity to interpret enterprise networking capabilities, withTeam-oriented, System-oriented, Learning Oriented and Memory-oriented researchOrganizational Learning, and so build Organizational Learning and Enterprise NetworkCapacity mechanism. After further analysis, organizational learning is one of the mainfactors affecting the form of Enterprise Network Capacity, process of the capacitybuilding network can promote further internal organizational learning, in their mutualpromotion and cycle development process, ultimately enhance business performance.The paper adopts gray correlation analysis to establish the correlation evaluation model,using SPSS16.0software supporting the completion of the questionnaire reliability test,and modified the questionnaire. Through questionnaires to senior managers in small andmedium enterprises in Shanxi,113valid questionnaires were collected, the result showsthat Organizational Learning and Enterprise Networking Capacity associated with highdegree, proposed a specific network path to enhance the ability from the perspective ofOrganizational Learning, and than pros and cons of each path. This article hopes to provide a theoretical reference for enterprises to enhancenetwork capacity through development of their organizational learning capabilities, andthen to help companies ultimately gain competitive advantage.
Keywords/Search Tags:Organization Learning, Enterprise Network Capacity, Corporate performance, Gray correlation analysis
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