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Research On The Reconstruction Of The Doctor-patient Relationship Based On The Perspective Of A Harmonious Society

Posted on:2019-05-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2436330548966764Subject:Public administration
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With the development of social economy,the main contradiction in China at this stage has been transformed into a contradiction between the people's ever-growing needs for a better life and unbalanced development.The unbalanced development referred to therein can be reflected in China's health care system.Due to the shortcomings of the old medical and health system,that is,complicated personnel,backward equipment,low professional qualifications,poor service attitude,etc.,the people have expressed deep dissatisfaction with this,so in order to adapt to changes in the times and innovate the medical management system,We must guide the reform of the medical system in the right direction and serve the people better.We must focus our long-term development on every service item at the current stage,think of the people,do what the people need,and put the hospital's The performance management and evaluation system is the first place in the planning of the medical evaluation system,providing strong supervision for the current health care services to meet the needs of the broad masses of people.The research object of this article is the gynecology department of M hospital,first introduced the current management methods and theoretical concepts of performance appraisal of all walks of life,and then,combined the above theories with the focus of the current assessment system of gynecology at the M hospital,and continuously comparing and referencing.Under the conditions,we discovered various problems in the medical performance system of maternity hospitals,and analyzed the causes of the problems in order to provide a theoretical basis for proposing specific and effective reform plans.Finally,a performance appraisal system that meets the gynecological conditions of the hospital is constructed through the balanced scorecard method,emphasizing efficiency,quality,patient satisfaction,learning and growth..
Keywords/Search Tags:Harmonious society, doctor-patient relationship
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