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A Study On The Supervision And Management Of Cadres By The Party Committee At The District Level Of Dalian

Posted on:2019-05-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L M ZhengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330572964173Subject:Organization and Human Resource Management
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Under the background of the new era,how to strengthen the supervision and management of the leading cadres at the grass-roots level is the key work of our Party in carrying out the anti-corruption struggle,comprehensively strengthening the strict administration of the Party,and enhancing the ruling ability.By analyzing the existing problems and discussing the causes of these problems,this thesis puts forward some countermeasures to solve these problems,so as to promote the Party committee's supervision of the leading cadres at the grass-roots level.Generally speaking,the supervision of the CPC over Party organizations,leading cadres and ordinary party members mainly depends on the CPC Commission for discipline Inspection,but this kind of directed supervision work is independent of the Party committees at the top level.The cadre supervision to be studied in this paper refers to the party committee organization department to realize the restraint to the cadre through a relatively soft way.The Communist Party of China has always attached importance to organizing departments to carry out cadre supervision work,especially since the reform and opening up,the organizational departments have actively carried out practical exploration,accumulated rich experience,and the work of cadre supervision has gradually moved towards institutionalization and standardization.Scientific orbit.This paper enumerates the measures taken by Dalian district party committee to supervise cadres,and summarizes the system design of leading cadres supervision and management in Dalian district party committee,including organization setup,operation mechanism and so on.Although some effective measures have been taken in various aspects of cadre supervision in various districts,there are still many problems and loopholes in the supervision system and supervision measures in practice.After abstracting and summarizing its deep-seated reasons,the paper holds that,although the top-level design of the party has been gradually improved since the 18th CPC Congress,and the concrete measures are more in line with the actual situation,in recent years,they have also made good achievements,but when they are concretely implemented at the grass-roots level,There are still some problems in the supervision and orientation of grassroots leading cadres,such as lack of and initiative.Based on the problems existing in the supervision of the leading cadres under management by the district party committees,this paper believes that in order to strengthen the weak links and thoroughly solve the deep-seated problems,it is necessary to carry forward the tradition while changing the thinking of work and introducing advanced concepts.Specific improvements can be made in six areas:first,through the adoption of To improve the supervision quality of cadres by perfecting the supervision system and strengthening the execution;second,to improve the quality of cadres by strictly selecting and appointing cadres;third,to enhance the quality of cadres by strengthening education and training;Fourth,to promote the rational flow of cadres by unblocked exports;fifthly,to stimulate the potential of cadres by increasing the strength of examination and encouragement;and sixth,to create a good social supervision environment.The possible innovation of this paper is that,based on China's national conditions and the reality of the work of the district party committees,this paper makes an in-depth discussion on the system content and operational characteristics,results and deficiencies of the supervision of cadres of the organization departments of the district party committees.On the basis of carrying forward the fine tradition of the Party,this paper puts forward the idea of putting the cadre supervision work under a complete system to carry out all-round management.
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