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Research On The Supervision Mechanism For The Selection And Appointment Of Leading Cadres Of The Party And Government In My Country

Posted on:2020-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2436330590985421Subject:Public administration
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This paper analyses the related research on the supervision of leading cadres and the supervision of the selection and appointment of leading cadres,summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of relevant research at home and abroad,and provides a reference for this study.Then,it defines the concepts of Party and government leading cadres,selection and appointment,administrative supervision mechanism,and the connotation of supervision mechanism of Party and government leading cadres selection and appointment,and summarizes the theoretical basis of strengthening public power supervision based on Western supervision theory,Marxist supervision theory and socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era.This paper describes the current situation of the implementation of the supervision mechanism for the selection and appointment of Party and government leading cadres in China,and finds that the central organizational department and discipline Commission have done a lot of work in the implementation of the central decision-making and deployment,and have achieved good results,with the most resolute attitude and decisive measures to refresh the administration of officials.However,under the influence of some historical problems and traditional thinking consciousness,there are still some problems in the supervision mechanism of the selection and appointment of Party and government leading cadres in our country,such as the need to strengthen supervision consciousness,insufficient joint efforts of multiple supervision,loopholes in important links and the impossibility of overall supervision,etc.This paper describes these problems in detail with relevant cases.The analysis finds that the causes of these problems are various.This paper studies the most important four causes: the consciousness of supervision has not changed,the deep ideological obstacles have not been eliminated;the responsibilities of supervision are vague and the division of functions is not clear enough;the supervision mechanism is not perfect enough,the standardization and operation need to be strengthened;the way of supervision is single and the method is not scientific.On this basis,this paper analyzed the good practices of Haimen,Neijiang,Siyang and Hanzhong,and found that they attach importance to daily supervision,whole-process supervision,precision supervision and education and training.Finally,this paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions from four aspects:strengthening supervision consciousness,strengthening system construction,perfecting procedure supervision and perfecting organization network.In strengthening supervision consciousness,we should encourage supervision objects to accept supervisionconsciously,strengthen the initiative of supervision subjects to perform their duties and responsibilities,and mobilize the masses to participate in supervision actively;in the aspect of further improving system construction,we should encourage supervision objects to accept supervision consciously,enhance the initiative of supervision subjects to perform their duties and responsibilities,and mobilize the masses to participate in supervision actively We should improve the documentary system for the whole process of cadre selection and appointment,implement the reporting system for personal matters of cadres,establish the quality standards and competence evaluation system for leading cadres,establish the accountability system,and improve the joint meeting system for cadre supervision.In the aspect of perfecting procedural supervision,we should earnestly democratic recommendation,strictly organize investigation and attach importance to the whole process supervision of discussion and decision;in the aspect of perfecting organizational network,we should attach importance to organizational supervision,joint supervision,democratic supervision and "three circles" supervision.
Keywords/Search Tags:Party and Government Leading Cadres, Selection and Appointment Supervision, Supervision Mechanism
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