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Investigation And Research On The Current Status Of Active Texts In Teaching Materials Under The Background Of Core Literacy

Posted on:2020-11-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Textbooks are the main content of students' learning and the main basis for teachers and students to carry out teaching activities.Active texts in textbooks are also important,but the current research mainly concentrates on the definition of the concept of active texts,the classification of active texts,the characteristics of active texts and the role of active texts.Under the background of the continuous development of new geographical teaching concepts,there are few discussions on the functions of active texts.The investigation and analysis of the current situation and actual effect are rare,which hinders the rational development and use of the active text content under the new form.With the development of the concept of geographic core literacy in China,geographic educators have gradually attached importance to the cultivation of students' geographic core literacy in geographic curriculum.As an important carrier of teaching,textbooks should also play their due role in the cultivation of students' core literacy.Because of its unique autonomy,openness,innovation and comprehensiveness,the active texts in textbooks play a more important role in the cultivation of students' core geographic literacy.Therefore,this paper mainly studies the current situation of the implementation of active texts in the geography textbooks of Shanghai Senior One under the background of geographical core literacy.This paper is divided into five parts: The first part is the introduction,which summarizes the research background,the research status at home and abroad,the purpose and significance of the research,the research methods and methods.The second part is the definition of related concepts and the statistical analysis of the active texts in Shanghai Senior One Geography Textbooks,and classifies them according to the four core qualities,and summarizes the characteristics of the active texts compilation in Shanghai Senior One Geography Textbooks.The third part is the preparation of questionnaires,which respectively compile the status of students' core literacy training questionnaire and teachers' attention to active texts and core literacyquestionnaire,and carry out analysis.The fourth part is based on the results of the questionnaire analysis to put forward some questions and give reasonable strategies.The fifth part is the shortcomings and prospects of the paper.
Keywords/Search Tags:high school, active texts, geographic core literacy, current situation survey, countermeasures and suggestion
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