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Research On The Division Of Responsibilities Of Primary School Students' After-school Trusteeship And Improvement Countermeasures From The Perspective Of Collaborative Sharing

Posted on:2021-04-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Primary school after-school care service from the generation to now,experienced a variety of exploration and adjustment.Due to the particularly of its service time,service content and service object,after-school care service is related to school and family.In order to promote the orderly implementation of after-school care.From the perspective of responsibility,this study explores the division of after-school care responsibility and the cooperative sharing strategy.In order to protect the legitimate and interests of students in after-school service and promote healthy development of student's body and mind.This study adopts the literate method,the questionnaire survey method and the interview method.Draws on the previous outstanding research results,carries on the questionnaire survey to the students who participate the trusteeship class,and takes the school teachers,the students' parents,and the trusteeship classes' owners as objects to interview.First of all,the responsibility of after-school care is defined and divided by combing and summing up.This study defines the responsibility of after-school care as protecting students' safety and providing reasonable education to students,and takes the schools,families and trusteeship classes as objects to divide the responsibility.To alleviate the confusion of the situation of after-school trusteeship responsibilities,to realize the cooperative sharing of trusteeship responsibilities among schools,families and trusteeship classes.This study gives three strategies:1.standardize the division of trusteeship responsibilities;2.promote communication and cooperation among schools,families and trusteeship classes;3.encourage multiple subjects to participate in after-school care.
Keywords/Search Tags:primary school students, after-school care, responsibility dividing, synergy sharing
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