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The Hybrid Governance Mechanism Of Major Science And Technology Innovation Platform

Posted on:2020-04-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330575971969Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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At present,a new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation are booming.Science,technology and engineering are increasingly intertwined.Research organizations with large-span interdisciplinary and cross-subject collaborative innovation play an important role in technological innovation.Although major science and technology innovation platforms have been explored for many years in China,it still faces the dilemma of single source of resources,rigid institutional mechanism,and low efficiency of management.The closed,inefficient and rigid scientific research organizations have been unable to cope with increasingly complex and comprehensive major science and technology innovation tasks.At the same time,the major science and technology innovation platforms represented by the American National Laboratories have been moving from an integrated governance model to a hybrid governance model.New R&D institutions activate institutional mechanisms through market-oriented operational mechanisms,and then form an intermediate form between the hierarchy and market governance.The hybrid governance model helps to diversify resource sources,facilitate the transfer of innovation results,and form a self-organizing mechanism for the innovation organization process,thereby stimulating multiple innovation factors to focus on maj or innovation needs and enhance collaborative innovation performance.However,these successful practices are still fragmented,and the hybrid governance mechanism of major science and technology innovation platforms is still unclear.Therefore,it is necessary to carry out in-depth discussion on the structure,theorization and systematization of the hybrid governance mechanism of major science and technology innovation platforms.This research selects four cases of Argonne National Laboratory,Brookhaven National Laboratory,Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology Chinese Academy of Sciences and Zhejiang Laboratory to conduct case studies.According to the existing literature,this research sorts out five dimensions of the principal-agent relationship,incentive,authority,adaptation and constraint of hybrid governance,and extracts the characterization of hybrid governance based on cases.Combined with the governance mechanism of hybrid organizations,this research builds hybrid governance mechanisms for maj or science and technology innovation platforms,including decision-making mechanism,incentive mechanism,constraint mechanism,and adaptation mechanism.These four mechanisms not only fully exert the stability of the hierarchy,but also give full play to the market incentives and coordinate with multiple governance entities to cope with major technological innovation needs.Finally,combining with the current governance situation of China's major science and technology innovation platforms,this research puts forward five suggestions:improving the multi-agent collaborative governance mechanism,encouraging the formation of a diversified funding investment pattern,innovating talent management and incentive mechanism,deepening the reform of assessment and evaluation mechanism,and creating a good innovation culture atmosphere.The contribution of this research lies in:from the perspective of hybrid governance,analyzing of domestic and international context deeply,based on the current dilemma of major science and technology innovation platforms in China,focus on improving the governance mechanism of its innovation performance,and then providing suggestions for China to get out of the governance dilemma of major science and technology innovation platforms.
Keywords/Search Tags:Major Science and Technology Innovation Platform, Hybrid Governance, National Laboratory, Mechanism Construction
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