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Research On CXY Company's Internet Vehicle Business Model And Improvement

Posted on:2019-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C J GuiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330590450460Subject:Business Administration
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With the growth of car ownership,the Internet vehicle industry has gradually gained market attention.CXY company is a leader in this field,researches CXY company business model,discovers problems in business models and proposes improvements,which can be used as a reference for the Internet vehicle industry.This thesis investigates a large number of domestic and foreign business model literature,and sorts out the relevant models of business models and business model types.The development history of the Internet vehicle industry was briefly described,and the development history and development status of CXY Company were sorted out.On the basis of these,the business model canvas model is used to analyze the business model elements of CXY company.Through the in-depth analysis of the four modules of service interface,user interface,resource management interface and financial interface,the business model of CXY is interpreted.And through comparison with other companies in the industry,it is found that CXY's product repurchase rate is lower than the industry average and procurement costs are higher than other companies in the industry.Combined with the in-depth analysis of customer segmentation,channel access,customer relationship and core resources in the business model,it is concluded that CXY has two problems: lack of competitiveness in service and single supplier.Then this thesis analyzes the conditions that CXY has beneficial to the improvement of business model problems.On the basis of making full use of its own advantages,it proposes two specific improvement programs to improve the product development process and improve the supplier management system.And considering that the implementation process of the program may be affected by bottlenecks,the implementation bottleneck is further analyzed.The bottleneck includes suspicion of the effect of product R&D process transformation due to the low-viscosity attribute of the user itself,and neglecting the relationship management with the supplier when the supplier management is implemented.A strategy to address low user stickiness and improve supplier relationships has been proposed for bottlenecks to improve implementation.Through these improvements and implementation strategies,this thesis attempts to provide valuable reference and enlightenment for CXY and other companies in the vehicle industry to improve business models.
Keywords/Search Tags:Internet car service, Car service, CXY company, Business mode business model, Business mode business model elements
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