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A Practice Report On The Translation Of Trade Blocs And Trade Wars During The Interwar Period

Posted on:2021-12-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The protracted trade war between China and the United States has attracted worldwide attention.After many rounds of difficult negotiations between the two governments,it is still up in the air.Until now,no one expected that negotiations between the two powers over trade disputes would be so difficult and have such a big impact on the world's economic recovery.In October 2019,a trade delegation from China and the United States met again in Washington for consultations and appeared to have made some progress,but the outlook remained uncertain.With the coexistence of Sino-American cooperation and competition,the trend of Sino-American economic and trade friction and bilateral relations is thought-provoking.Therefore,it is of practical significance to re-examine the situations and countermeasures of countries in trade wars in history,and it is of important reference value to study the current Sino-American trade friction.This translation practice report material selected from the authority of the US.economic research institutions National Bureau of Economic Research(NBER)in May 2019 by David Jacques and Dennis Novy written and issued paper Trade Blocs And Trade Wars During The Interwar Period.On the one hand,the translation of this paper is to provide a reference for domestic scholars of trade friction.On the other hand,the author also hopes that the solutions to the translation problems mentioned in the translation practice report will be helpful to translators of the same type of text.The translation practice report is divided into six chapters.The first chapter is the introduction,which briefly introduces the main contents of the original text.The second chapter is a general description of the task,including the task source and task description.This paper mainly introduces the general contents of the original translation text and the main contents of this practice report.The third chapter is the task process,which is divided into two parts.The first is the preparation before translation,including the introduction of the author and works,the analysis of the stylistic characteristics of business texts,the formulation of glossary,the use of translation tools and related books.The second is the implementation of the translation process,which involves three steps:initial translation,revision and revision.The fourth chapter expounds the problems encountered in translation practice,focusing on the complex and related words in the process of translation,such as the choice and extension of prepositions,meanings and long sentences.The fifth chapter is the solution to the corresponding problem.Under the guidance of "functional equivalence theory",it USES the translation techniques such as province translation,augmented translation,concrete and abstract extension,word order adjustment and punctuation.In the sixth chapter,the author summarizes the translation practice and discusses the limitations and problems in addition to the gains and values.
Keywords/Search Tags:trade war, preposition translation, long sentence translation, word order adjustment
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