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Research On The Community Policing Mechanism Of "one Village,one Police" In Bincheng District,binzhou City,shandong Province

Posted on:2021-09-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2506306518485274Subject:Master of Public Administration
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With the rapid development of China's society and economy,the people's understanding of how to promote the comprehensive management of social security is constantly improving.In recent years,the working mechanism of the community police and public security linkage in our country has been further consolidated and developed,with certain achievements and great achievements,and still facing some outstanding problems.This article is based on the "One Village,One Police" community police work of Binzhou District Public Security Bureau of Binzhou City,and the police work of the two police stations of Binzhou Branch of Binzhou Public Security Bureau as an example.The Yangliuxue Police Station's rural police development is analyzed to analyze the development direction and problem-solving methods of the "one village,one police" community police work.In view of this idea,the author divided the article into five parts:The first part is an introduction,which introduces the research background and significance of "one village,one police" community policing;research and practice in this field at home and abroad;research ideas and methods.The second part is the concept definition and theoretical basis,introducing the theoretical basis and basic characteristics of "one village and one police" community policing,and at the same time extending the theoretical basis of the policing mechanism.The third part is an overview of the situation,introducing the current situation of the "one village,one police" community policing working mechanism of the Binzhou Branch of the Binzhou Public Security Bureau,including the background established by the mechanism and the current operating status and the positive significance it plays.At the same time,it analyzes the problems existing in the mechanism from the perspective of the auxiliary police personnel and the contradictions in the process of implementing the "one village,one police" community policing model.In the fourth part,the author analyzes the development of rural and community policing from the case of two police stations in Binzhou Branch of Binzhou Public Security Bureau,studies the difficulties encountered in population management in the development of community police in urban police stations,and solves the problems.Inductive analysis.Then analyze the situation faced by the comprehensive management of public security in the "one village,one police" police activity in the rural police station.The fifth part of the author's thinking and summary of the above issues.The author's suggestion: 1.Deeply understand and understand the rich connotation of "one village,one police" community policing.Second,standardize the operation process of "one village,one police" community policing.3.Fully mobilize social security forces to participate.4.Firmly establish the guiding principle of "rural-oriented" and "community-oriented" work.5.Promote in-depth reform of the police system.6.Promote the use of police technology innovation in the "one village,one police" community police station.7.Promote the publicity work in the "one village,one police" community police work in an orderly manner.8.Improve and perfect the "one village,one police" community police assistant team.The sixth part is the conclusion,summarizing the current situation,shortcomings and countermeasures of the police model.
Keywords/Search Tags:"One Village,One Police", Community Police Affairs, Comprehensive Management of Public Security, Reform strategy
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