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Research On Design Project Management Mechanism Of Multi-agent Cooperation In Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2022-04-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306500452074Subject:Art and design
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With the advent of the era of knowledge economy,colleges and universities,as knowledge production institutions,are contributing more and more to regional economic growth.Besides teaching and research,it has become a worldwide trend to pay more attention to the third mission of colleges and universities: "social service".The cooperation of government,industry,education and research represented by the new interactive spiral relationship between universities and government and industry has effectively adapted to this new development trend.It is a major form of collaborative innovation of government,industry,university and research that the design project is mainly participated by universities and the government,enterprises and industries.In this paper the multi-agent collaborative design project management mechanism research,is based on the applied art colleges and universities,with four main body participation in education service new and old kinetic energy professional docking industry,for example,contains collaborative participants(subject,object and medium),relationship and regulation regulation,space and energy regulation(time)of three content,through to the main body of the project(universities,government,Enterprise/industry),object(teaching and research,scientific research;Laws and regulations;Technology,information,etc.),medium(organization,money,interest,performance,etc.)many elements and the analysis of the role of the relationship between abstract reasoning out 10 on behalf of its internal operation mechanism of incentive and constraint of energy regulation,in order to realize the multi-agent collaborative design project elements of the allocation of resources achieve pareto efficient or optimal,artificially designed a set of dynamic solution.The construction of multi-subject collaborative design project management mechanism in colleges and universities takes design projects as the link,enterprises' needs as the goal,focuses on problem-oriented,highlights design solutions,and focuses on practical classroom teaching,so as to realize the end-to-end and practical in-depth integration of government,industry,university and research.It has certain research value for comprehensively improving the education quality of design discipline,cultivating design talents,expanding students' employment and entrepreneurship,promoting economic transformation and upgrading,and cultivating new drivers of economic development under the current new situation.The main research contents are as follows:Chapter 1,introduction.Under the background of the government industry university research cooperation represented by the new interactive spiral relationship between universities,government and industry,this paper puts forward the research topic of this paper "Research on the design project management mechanism of University multi-agent cooperation".From the construction of knowledge elements and personnel training,the research significance of this paper is put forward.Combined with the theoretical research review in this field at home and abroad,this paper expounds the research concept and theoretical basis,research object,research method and content framework.Among them,the research object points out the composition of the mechanism and case samples.The content of mechanism includes participants,relationship and regulation.Chapter two,the present situation and problems.Using the method of"combination of network investigation and literature research",this paper selects typical multi-agent collaborative cases of 38 universities at home and abroad,and analyzes the current situation from two aspects of subject-object elements and medium elements by summarizing the key words of the current situation of the cases.Corresponding to the current situation,this paper puts forward two categories of subject and object elements and medium elements,and eight factors are related to the problems,respectively,in the direction of "special policies,talent management,achievement transformation,benefit distribution;Organizational management,intermediary organization,funds,performance evaluation,etc.Chapter three,the cause of the problem and mechanism construction.First of all,based on the eight factors,the paper analyzes the seven factors that affect the causes of the problems,which are "policy,people,results,organization,funds,interests and performance".By analyzing the relationship between the two categories of factors,it concludes that one of the influencing factors is "the triple helix relationship between the factors";by analyzing the media of the seven factors and the media mode,it concludes that the second one is "motivation and constraint" Energy regulation ".Secondly,the "umbrella relationship structure model" of the mechanism is constructed by the "triple helix relationship between elements";the "ten energy regulation indexes" supporting the effective operation of the mechanism are deduced from the multi-level optimization of the "mechanism index system" by using the analytic hierarchy process,which constitutes the "umbrella" content of the umbrella relationship structure model.Finally,based on the triple helix theory,the "umbrella"mechanism is composed of "umbrella relationship structure model + energy regulation content".Chapter five,evaluation mechanism.Taking ten energy regulation indicators of five collaborative dimensions of "design umbrella" mechanism and their corresponding 44 initiatives as verification indicators,the implementation effect of "design umbrella" mechanism in specialized docking projects verifies the feasibility of "Design Umbrella" mechanism.The effectiveness data includes three categories:pre construction data,construction target data and completion data.
Keywords/Search Tags:government-industry-university-research collaboration, Many main body, Factor synergy, Design project management, Design umbrella mechanism
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