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Research On The Transformation Process Of Non-profit Organzation To Social Enterprise

Posted on:2022-01-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2507306728467054Subject:Master of business administration
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As “renovation” is leading the trend of society in recent years,Non-profit Organizations are in the rapid development in China,which helps to solve some difficulties caused by "government failure" and "market failure".But many problems and difficulties appear after the enacting of the Charity Law of the People's Republic of China in September 2016,for instance,how to earn profit to meet with the requirement of the donation procedures,especially under the period of COVID-19.When the Non-profit Organization faces self-restoration problems,it may close-down or need to find new ways for further development.In this situation,"Social enterprise" becomes one of the best options for Non-profit Organizations to achieve sustainable development as well as specific social goals.In this thesis,Mu Ru Ma Ma Jia is the main object of study.During the case writing,we can find the difficulties and problems in the process of organization development and transformation,and can provide some suggestive actions to be taken for further reference.First of all,this thesis combs the definition of Non-profit Organization,Social Enterprise,Social Entrepreneurship,the impact of institutional environment during transformation etc.All those definitions provide a theoretical foundation for analyzing the development and transformation process of Mu Ru Ma Ma Jia.Secondly,by conducting unstructured interviews with the founder,beneficiaries of Mu Ru Ma Ma Jia,as well as self-experiencing as a participant for up to two years,this thesis makes a clear picture on the process of exploration,development obstruction and enterprise transformation of Mu Ru Ma Ma Jia.Thirdly,base on the study of transformation results,transformation motivation and transformation obstacles for Mu Ru Ma Ma Jia,the thesis analyzes the problems and difficulties which affects the further development.Finally,the thesis puts forward some suggestions for future development which come from the perspectives of improving internal skills and strengthening outside assistance.Through the analyzing of the development and transformation process of Mu Ru Ma Ma Jia,this thesis come out with some research results that non-profit organizations need to seize the development opportunity,overcome their own difficulties,constantly improve their own ability to step out of successful transformation.During the process,the Non-profit Organization need to pay attention to institutional environment and its impact on transformation as well.In addition,get support from government and constantly making good use of social capital and resources,providing sustainable development.May this thesis provide solutions and countermeasures for the problems encountered by similar organizations in the future.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-profit Organization, Social Enterprise, Dilemma in transformation
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