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Research On The Application Of The Column "Exploration And Development" In "Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History (Part 2)"

Posted on:2022-10-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306326990439Subject:Master of Education
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The "Exploration and Expansion" column is an important part of the text auxiliary system of the history textbook of the unified edition of high school,and belongs to the consolidation system of the text auxiliary system of the textbook.The column is located at the end of each class.After-class expansion questions are proposed through the combination of materials and questions.According to their content,they can be divided into two categories: material analysis and exploration questions and data-finding and expansion.Taking the " Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 2)" as an example,the "Exploration and Expansion" column has some unique values for the teaching of world history in high schools.Learning ability and the role of sorting out the laws of world history development.However,through the questionnaire survey,problems in the application of the "Exploration and Expansion" column in the teaching of world history in high schools have also been discovered.The survey found that most students recognized the value of the "Exploration and Expansion" column in world history teaching.The learning of the column plays an important role in cultivating students' world history learning ability and expanding knowledge.But at the same time,because teachers did not pay enough attention to the columns in teaching,there were problems such as the inability of the functions of the columns to be used and the single use of the form.In order to solve the above problems,teachers should pay attention to the strategies used in the "Exploration and Expansion" column in the teaching of world history in high school.First of all,the curriculum standard is the weather vane of teaching.History teachers should delve into the curriculum standard and grasp the direction of column application in world history teaching according to the requirements of the curriculum standard.Secondly,according to the students' world history knowledge,use columns in a variety of ways to improve students' world.Third,you can use the column to assist the teaching of the text to help students sort out the knowledge system of world history.Fourth,through the teacher's guidance on the column,you can also improve the students' ability to learn world history such as historical data reading.Finally,the teacher can also carry out the column Fully excavate and use the content of the column to implement the cultivation of the core literacy of the students.Textbooks are the foundation of teaching.As teachers,they should pay attention to the development and utilization of textbook resources,and make full use of textbook resources to complete the teaching goals.The "Exploration and Expansion" column is rich in connotation and diverse in forms,which plays an important role in the students' world history study.Therefore,teachers should fully explore the "Exploration and Expansion" column in the "Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 2)",use the column to assist teaching,better complete the task of world history teaching,and give play to the function and value of the column in world history teaching.
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