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A Study On The Historical Data And Its Pedagogical Use In The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(Part 2)

Posted on:2022-12-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:S Y CaiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306779985149Subject:Curriculum and Pedagogy
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Widely presented in secondary school history textbooks,historical data are unique in its appeal in deriving historical understanding through quantitative analysis,compared to historical materials such as documents and pictures.As a form of presentation that carries historical information,historical data are both intuitive and abstract.Making full use of historical data in teaching can effectively implement the content of the history curriculum,strengthen students' ability to think logically about history and permeate the cultivation of the necessary knowledge and skills in the subject of history.However,there are limitations to the use of historical data in teaching.On the one hand,historical data can be used from a wide range of sources,making the process of verification and analysis more complicated;on the other hand,historical data can express historical information in a highly concise manner,but the mere use of historical data in teaching can often lead to a decline in classroom interest.In terms of the structure of the textual narrative,the historical data in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part2)plays an important role in revealing the essence of things,demonstrating the level of development and showing historical changes.From the point of view of pedagogical application,the treatment of historical data in the textbook has the advantages of being resourceful,rich in form and appropriate in its use,and can meet the needs of the new textbook reform and history teaching,but there are also many shortcomings,such as the unclear provenance of many historical data,the inconsistent presentation of the same type of historical data,the concentration of areas of application of historical data and less historical data material in the form of quantitative statistical charts,etc.Thus,teachers need to be flexible in their use from a dialectical perspective.There are favourable conditions for using historical data from the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 2)in senior secondary history teaching,for example,students have a high level of recognition of historical data,a sense of enquiry and a certain knowledge base.However,there are shortcomings in students' conceptual identification,empirical awareness and learning methods of historical data.Therefore,teachers can adopt teaching strategies such as changing the presentation of historical data in a reasonable way,strengthening the logic of presentation of historical data,and creating problematic situations to explore historical data when using historical data in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 2)to start teaching.In addition,teachers should pay attention to the identification of historical data,the selection of historical data and the avoidance of the accumulation of historical data in order to better use historical data in their teaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Secondary School History Teaching, The Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 2), Historical Data, Application
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