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Research On The Application Of Epistolary Historical Materials In History Teaching In Senior High School ——A Case Study Of "Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History (Part 1)"

Posted on:2022-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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High school history teaching takes the cultivation of students' core literacy of history as an internal requirement,and the collection and application of historical materials are the most fundamental conditions for the achievement of various literacy.This also clarifies the importance of teaching historical materials in high school history classrooms.As a kind of historical documents,letters have a large number of remains and their contents are objective and true.The content described in the letters is rich and detailed,involving politics,economy,military affairs,culture,etc.It not only reflects the writer's emotions,attitudes and values,but also reflects the social environment and life of people at that time.At the same time,as the carrier of culture,letters are an important bridge for inheriting and promoting Chinese excellent traditional culture,revolutionary culture and advanced socialist culture.In recent years,the historical materials of letters have gradually entered the field of vision of teachers,and some educational colleagues have tried to use it in the teaching of historical materials,and have produced certain theoretical and practical results.However,under the background of the new curriculum reform,especially in the process of the implementation of the new curriculum standards and unified textbooks,there is still a lack of application research of historical materials in high school history teaching.This leaves a certain space for the research of this topic.This article first briefly expounds the concept of historical epistles,and introduces the characteristics of epistles from the aspects of contextuality,subjectivity,etc,and discusses the main sources of epistolary materials,so as to provide theoretical support for further research.Secondly,taking " Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(PART 1)" as an example,this paper explains the specific situation of setting up the historical materials of letters in the auxiliary column of the textbook,and analyzes the relationship between the historical materials of letters and other types of historical materials in the auxiliary column.And take some historical materials of letters in textbooks as examples to analyze their teaching application in specific topics.Thirdly,it discusses the important role played by historical epistles in high school history teaching.On the one hand,historical epistles have unique value in implementing the teaching philosophy embodied in the high school history curriculum standards.It plays a significant role in improving the effectiveness of historical materials teaching and stimulating students' interest in learning history.Finally,taking the "Revolution of 1911" in "Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(PART 1)" as an example,the teaching design is carried out for the practical application of historical materials of letters.On this basis,the application of historical materials in specific classroom teaching is reflected.It also puts forward suggestions on the application of letters and historical materials in high school history teaching from the aspects of classroom guidance,breaking through the key and difficult points of teaching,concluding lessons to cultivate emotions,and innovating the teaching design of auxiliary columns.At the back of the article,the table "List of Some Letters and Historical Materials Available for High School History Teaching" is attached for the reference of the partial teachers in teaching.
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