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Research On The Design And Application Of Exercises In The Outline Of Chinese And Foreign History(Volume1)

Posted on:2022-10-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L W GeFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306491957079Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Based on the changes of the times and the development needs of the country,our country is undergoing a new round of curriculum reform.Among the various kinds of reforms,the exercises of textbooks,which are being treated as the auxiliary system of textbooks and the core resource of history teaching,have also undergone significant adjustments.In order to comply with the curriculum reform and make full use of valuable teaching resources,it is necessary to study the exercises in the high school history textbooks which are compiled by the Ministry of Education.While in the fall semester of 2020,the author's off-campus internship was just coincided with the curriculum reform of the whole province,and the affected area also included the city which the author lived.By the first time,the whole historical educational system of high schools applied the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume 1)as textbook.Therefore,this study will treat the exercises in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume 1)as the research objects based on the timeliness and the practicality,and then analyze the design and application of the exercises in the textbook holistically.This analysis contains five chapters.The first chapter is the overview of the exercises in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume 1),which puts full concentration on the illstration of the types and theoretical basis of the exercises.On the one hand,according to the expressive forms of exercises and the original sources of their keys,the author divides the exercises into four categories which include the exercises for summarization,the exercises for analyzing materials,the exercises for expressing thoughts and ideas independently and the exercises for students' practical exploraltion.On the other hand,according to the numbers of the keys to the exercises,the exercises are devided into another two categories which contain closed questions and open questions.Although the two categories are categorized in different standards,both of them are built on the same theoretical basis which contains the Practice Law of Thorndike,Constructivism and Humanism.The second chapter takes the comparison method as main exploring approach to investigate the functionism of exercises and the dynamic development of edcational ideas by discretely comparing the distributions of exercises,and the quantity,columns and types of them.In the third chapter,this analysis analyses the exercises in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume 1)according to several other designing standards when edit the exercises in textbooks,which include aiding the text system,coinciding with the goals of curriculum,meeting the basic requirements and principles,ect.Through a strict systematic analysis,the findings indicate that the new edition of exercises in this textbook basically correspond with the standards which being mentioned before.The defects of the exercises do not outweigh the merits.The fourth chapter uses questionnaire method and interview method to investigate the teachers and students' cognition of the exercises design and their actual application.According to the results of the survey,the completion of the extercises in volume 1 needs to be improved,and teachers need to give full play to the role of being “guides”.Therefore,based on the above design and application analysis,the fifth part of the thesis explores the application strategies of the exercises in the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume 1),including applying multi-angle perspectives,supplementing moderately and integrating various kinds of knowledge in a proper span,combining the design of the exercises with practical applications,and linking theory with practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Volume 1), exercises in textbooks, the analysis of design, the applications in teaching
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