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A Research On Exercise Design In "Chinese And Foreign History Outline (Part 1)" And It's Application

Posted on:2022-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2517306350966969Subject:Subject teaching
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In September 2020,the use of the unified edition of high school history textbooks has increased to 20 provinces(cities).The new history textbooks have undergone major changes in terms of content selection,structural arrangement,language logic,and writing styles.Among them,the exercise system,which is an important part of the textbook,has also been greatly improved.The carefully designed exercise column in the "Chinese and Foreign History Outline(Part 1)" is important for conserving historical materialism,establishing the concept of time and space,strengthening historical evidence,enhancing historical interpretation,and penetrating the country.Feelings play an important role.This article takes the exercises column in the "Chinese and Foreign History Outline(Part 1)" as the research object,presents teaching cases and demonstrates the application strategies of the exercises column in teaching,and strives to give full play to the textbook exercises to cultivate students' core historical qualities and improve the quality of history teaching.Implement Lide Shuren's training goals.The author first explained the basic types and functions of the textbook exercises,and then explained the position,number,columns,presentation form and other contents of the exercises in the first volume of the "Chinese and Foreign History Outline",and on this basis,analyzed the meaning of the exercises,and The application status of the"Chinese and Foreign History Outline(Part 1)" was investigated in the sample school Fengmingshan Middle School,including student questionnaire surveys and teacher classroom observations.After the data was obtained,the exercises were found and the"Chinese and Foreign History Outline(Part 1)" exercises were found.The columns have not been effectively used in actual history teaching and student learning.The actual reasons mainly include insufficient teaching time,insufficient understanding of the importance of textbook exercises by students,and the impact of the new college entrance examination system.Some exercises are also difficult and unavailable.Objective factors such as supporting reference answers make the textbook exercises column not fully perform its functions.Finally,in view of the status quo of the use of exercises in the"Outline of Chinese and Foreign History(Part 1)" and the problems in the teaching process,the author takes the classroom teaching of the "Sui and Tang dynasty to the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms" as an example,and proposes how to design and teach history in the classroom Effectively use the exercises in the history textbook.
Keywords/Search Tags:"Chinese and Foreign History Outline (Part 1)", textbook exercises, teaching application
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