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A Study On The Construction Of "Aesthetic Education Classroom" In Primary School Chinese Reading Teaching

Posted on:2022-03-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Aesthetic education refers to the purpose of educators based on modern aesthetic consciousness and using various aesthetic media to exert aesthetic influence on the educated,delight their temperament and cultivate their soul,so as to perfect human nature and cultivate people.In recent years,aesthetic education has received increasing attention from the country.In April 2021,when General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Tsinghua University,he once again emphasized aesthetic education and should regard aesthetic education as an important cornerstone of national development.The Chinese subject is an important subject infiltrating aesthetic education.Chinese teaching,especially reading teaching,has the task of imparting knowledge and cultivating morality,and must play its due role in aesthetic education.In order to give full play to the value of aesthetic education in reading teaching,this thesis combines the characteristics of primary education,based on relevant theories such as receiving aesthetics,constructivism,and situational teaching,closely linked to the humanity and aesthetics of Chinese reading teaching,and uses literature research methods and observation methods.And interview method and other research methods to explore the construction of "aesthetic education classroom" in primary school Chinese reading teaching.The introduction briefly explains the importance and necessity of infiltrating aesthetic education in Chinese reading teaching,expounds the research situation of foreign aesthetic education,domestic Chinese aesthetic education,primary school classroom related research and the research ideas and methods of this thesis.The first chapter summarizes the relevant content of the construction of "Aesthetic Education Classroom" : the definition of core concepts,the main theoretical basis and basic elements.The second chapter points out the current aesthetic dilemmas in Chinese reading teaching in primary schools through interviews and classroom observations,such as the simplification of the reading teaching mode,ignoring the aesthetic elements of textbooks,and the awkwardness of the students' reading process.Then analyze the root causes of the existing problems,such as the imperfection of the examination evaluation system,the lack of teachers' aesthetic literacy,and people's narrow understanding of the school's aesthetic education.The third chapter mainly discusses the construction path of "aesthetic education classroom" in primary school Chinese reading teaching,such as by digging out the beauty contained in teaching materials,grasping the beauty that bursts in teaching,and activating the smart beauty between teachers and students.The fourth chapter takes the sixth grade text "Bamboo Festival Puppets" and the second grade text "Little Horse Crossing the River" as examples to develop the reading teaching practice of "Aesthetic Education Classroom" and make corresponding teaching reflections.Through classroom teaching practice in different grades,it is concluded that the penetration of aesthetic education in primary school Chinese reading teaching has great feasibility.Under the guidance of relevant teaching theories and aesthetic theories,reading teaching can combine multiple methods to penetrate students' aesthetics.From the practical teaching of this thesis,Chinese reading teaching of different grades can achieve the basic teaching goals.A certain degree of aesthetic education can be achieved,and students' enthusiasm in class has also increased.In a word,this thesis explores the construction of "aesthetic education classroom" in primary school Chinese reading teaching from both theory and practice,and aims to provide a reference for the current aesthetic education penetration of primary school Chinese reading teaching.
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