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The Use Of Historical Maps In The "Compendium Of Chinese And Foreign History" (Part 1)

Posted on:2022-04-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the gradual implementation of the reform of college entrance examination in the country,according to the unified deployment of the Education Bureau,the high school history textbook will be put into use in Beijing,Tianjin,Shanghai,Liaoning,Shandong and Hainan in2019,and will be expanded to Heilongjiang,Jilin,Hebei,Shanxi,Jiangsu,Anhui,Zhejiang,Fujian,Hubei,Hunan,Guangdong and other 14 provinces and autonomous regions in 2020.After the replacement of the new textbook,there are some problems in the process of using the new textbook.Firstly,the new textbook is different from the old textbook in style and content.Compared with the special history of the old textbook,the new textbook adopts the general history which is more accepted by the students,and adds new contents such as kiefuros,Africa,American civilization and so on.In the text auxiliary system is also a new look,in which the historical map compared with the original compulsory old teaching material has a lot of improvement and innovation.Historical map is indispensable in the teaching process,and it is an important material to cultivate core literacy.In addition to a small amount of economic and cultural construction,the history map of the new textbook has achieved full coverage,with an average of about two history maps per lesson.Therefore,both teachers' teaching and students' learning are inseparable from the history map.In addition to increasing the length of the historical map,the content of the new textbook has also been innovated,and some new maps have appeared,such as the map of the distribution of the forces of the national warlords,the map of corn and sweet potato promotion and planting in the early Qing Dynasty.Although the new textbook has made some innovations,there are still some shortcomings,such as the type of map is still single.The emergence of new content means new teaching exploration,new learning,but also means the emergence of new problems.In order to help users better use the new map,this paper analyzes the historical map in the new textbook.This paper consists of three parts: introduction,body and conclusion.The body has four chapters.First of all,the introduction summarizes the reasons for the topic selection,research status,research methods,difficulties and innovations.Secondly,there are four chapters in the main body.The first chapter summarizes the definition,function and classification of historical map.The second chapter mainly carries on the quantitative statistics to the historical map in the outline of Chinese and foreign history(I),and analyzes its distribution.On the basis of comparing with the old textbooks,it takes individual maps as an example to analyze the characteristics of the historical map in the new textbooks.The third chapter mainly analyzes the application of history map in the unified high school history textbook,studies the practical application of the new textbook map through questionnaires and classroom observation,and analyzes the existing problems and reasons according to the survey results.The fourth chapter is the suggestions for the users of historical maps,including the suggestions for teachers' teaching and students' learning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Outline of Chinese and foreign history(Part ?), Historical map, Core literacy
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