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Research On The Integration Of Physica Education And Moral Education In Dingbian Experimental Middle School Under The Concept Of Building Morality And Cultivating People

Posted on:2022-08-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2517306734951929Subject:Master of Education
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The development of the country requires comprehensive talents with both morality,intelligence,physical fitness,and beauty.Therefore,school teaching should not only focus on the cultivation of students' cultural knowledge,but also the cultivation of their moral construction and physical quality.In order to promote youth sports and moral education,the government work report of the State Council puts forward corresponding requirements: education should uphold the concept of "building morality and fostering people",improve students' physical fitness,strengthen students' education of socialist values,and carry forward China's excellent traditions.Culture,enhance the sense of social responsibility of the new generation.Therefore,modern education should also take the cultivation of moral quality as an important teaching indicator to consolidate the foundation for the growth of students.Due to the busy learning tasks in high school,teachers and students of the school are facing a severe situation of entering the college entrance examination and it is inconvenient to set up separate moral education classrooms.In the high school stage,moral education can be integrated into the physical education classroom teaching process,showing and conveying the moral spirit to students through sports behaviors,while improving the physical quality of students,but also sublimating their moral standards,and giving full play to the moral education of physical education.And strive to achieve effects that cannot be achieved by traditional classroom teaching.This kind of teaching innovation is of practical and innovative significance for the implementation of the Lide Shuren education concept,and it is worthy of research,improvement and promotion.In order to further investigate the current teaching practice of integrating moral education with physical education in the physical education classroom,this study was carried out in conjunction with the teaching practice of Dingbian Experimental Middle School.The subjects of this study are mainly teachers and students of the school,and interviews and questionnaires are used to understand the actual situation of current moral teaching respectively.This paper first analyses the background environment of moral education in China and explains the research significance of this study.Then,data are collected to review relevant studies at home and abroad and to analyses the research progress of integrating moral education in sports at home and abroad.Data are collected through a questionnaire survey and the problems and causes of the teaching practice of integrated moral education in high school physical education are analyzed.Based on the previous analysis,targeted suggestions and countermeasures are put forward in the hope of better promoting the perfect development of the teaching practice of integrated moral education in high school physical education and cultivating moral and talented students.The study finds that there are five problems with the teaching of integrated moral education in high school physical education:(1)physical education teachers' awareness of moral education needs to be improved;(2)the integration of moral education in physical education is highly utilitarian;(3)the selection of moral education content in physical education lacks systematicity;(4)the moral education pathways in physical education are not fully opened up for use;and(5)the evaluation system of moral education infiltration in physical education is not sound.The study proposes that the development strategies for the integration of moral education teaching in high school physical education are:(1)to carry out theoretical and skills training on the integration of moral education teaching in physical education;(2)to systematically summarize the combination of moral education in physical education;(3)to select moral education content in conjunction with the school situation;(4)to innovate the methods and ways of moral education infiltration in high school physical education;(5)to improve the evaluation system of moral education in high school physical education.
Keywords/Search Tags:High school, physical education, Moral education, Lide Shuren
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