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Towards Order - Research On The Development Of Professional Sports In China

Posted on:2013-12-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Through nearly two decades, professional sports in China have achieved remarkable development, but there are also some barrier hampered its healthy development, such as confusion of internal, less competitive of the external. Essentially, the sound development of professional sports is the order state followed some operational rules, and coordinated the complex relationships. Western professional sports with the sound development that is relevant to establish some kind of order, and the construction goal of our country professional sports is to establish a benign suitable for China’s sports professional order. Therefore, hold the development aim, studied the regularity of order issues of professional sports with, proven and streamlined complex inside and outside relationships of professional sports, may be valuable and meaning to make the perfect understanding of professional sports, and promote our country professional sports to healthy and efficient development. In this study, used "order" concept which is the basic characteristics of operation of professional sports, and by the application of principles and methods such as:systems science, economic sociology, sociology, economics, and so on, explore issues such as the order of professional sports and its operation way to evolution, and in-depth analysis of the difficulties facing the development of our country professional sports, put forward the theory with practice to promote the orderly development of our professional sports. Studies suggest that:(1). order is a recognizable system variable, with the regularity of reflection the state of things, which has the value reflected the characteristics of the system is running and the evolution. Professional sports are based on the social and economic interaction product of social construction of human development. Interacting with the social environment and improving the process, the characteristics of professional sports occurs to adapt the operation of the system conversion, and explicit the economic orientation more than before, as to take shape of operation and institutional system following the market rules, around the sports business, market-oriented mode, with a significant order. Professional sports is not only reflected in the order of the regularity of its body, but also reflected the order in the organization of its components and elements, economic and social behavior and function.(2).In the particular form of economic and social context, Western professional sports has the primary characteristics of the operating mode. Its development process with the evolution of the existing order and regularity conditions, showed the characteristic as dominant market, monopoly and alienation of the media, faced with difficulties such as labor and other issues. In China, professional sports are the results of sports constantly socialized, market-oriented reform, with the important evolutionary features as:the latecomer, government-led plan to promote the orderly transition to a market order. As the latecomer, our country professional sports, must have as a reference to the Western, seek to enhance the level. And the fundamental starting point of our country professional sports is to orderly develop.(3). Currently, our country professional sports with in the order of the transition stage, show features as interrogated system, and centralized reflected in the market loss. Due to historical origins and social background, the defects of structural transformation, the bias of ontological understanding and the dislocation of globalization construction, inadequate response to other factors, which leads the professional sports exist, such as the proliferation of short-term rent-seeking activities, frequent monitoring of chaos in market operation messy, problematic venue, fatigue and other international competition against their own healthy development. The key to solving these problems must rely on our country professional sports with the orderly development. But in reality, our country professional spoits have operation with orderly development of the internal regulations of the road, and show the orderly evolution and development of inner necessity.(4).To promote the orderly development of our professional sports, it is necessary to establish the idea of the people-oriented, the non-balanced growth and the overstep development goal, strengthen the building of some aspects as:main cultivation, system, culture and international competitiveness abide by the incremental development path of the first construction after the break up. This process must also rely on government-led mechanism to promote top-down reform, and use social capital mechanism to make the role of bottom-up, in order to achieve the orderly development of our country professional sports, construct the professional sports with Chinese characteristics. Among them, the former is due to our professional sports is the order of the transition, need the government to give some development space to market order; the latter is based on the relationship between professional sports network complexity and momentum in terms of professional sports, emphasize the role of the social basis of enhancing the professional sports development. Of course, the construction of professional sports with Chinese characteristics is a difficult project, and requires step by step practice.
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