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Research On The Corporate Culture Integration Of CNPC Lanzhou Petrochemical Company

Posted on:2008-08-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2189360215957134Subject:Business Administration
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From on the beginning of century to the nowadays world economics integration, the world has altogether raised five big enterprise merger and acquisition tide. In the information knowledge economy time, the enterprise merger and acquisition gradually becomes the most effective strategic choice for the various countries enterprise to expand the scale, to obtain the competitive advantage. This strategic target realization is not decided completely by the tangible asset simple superimposition, but importantly realizes from the tangible asset to the enterprise culture for the core intangible asset conformity to enhance the enterprise core competitive power. It needs to study earnestly that Lanzhou Petrochemical Company develop enterprise culture integration construction.This paper focus on the integration of corporate culture, according to the "why": Why do we integrate the corporate culture; "What" :the specific diagnosis and analysis of the current situation of the company; "how" :Enterprise cultural Integration model of an overall design ideas. The page is divided into five parts.Part I: Summary of business and culture; Part II: Analysis of the existing corporate culture of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company; Part III: business conditions analysis and modes selection of cultural integration; Part IV : Enterprise culture Integration program design; Part V : the implementation guaranty of corporate Culture Integration. By analyzing the existing corporate culture and conditions, the main content and implement of the enterprise culture integration and program and the problem to pay attention, for Lanzhou Petrochemical Company with a view to merging and cultural integration reorganization of other state-owned enterprises to enhance core competitiveness, that provide useful practice and to find out the routine.
Keywords/Search Tags:Corporate culture, Culture integration, State-owned enterprise, Core competitive power
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