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Astudy On Creation System Model And Factors Of China Railway Transportation Industry

Posted on:2014-08-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1109330452994003Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The transportation industry is a fundamental, pioneering industry of the nationaleconomy. Its developing level and national economic development has a very importantrelationship. Railway transportation as an important part of transportation industrybecome the artery of our country’s economic and social development with theadvantages, such as its rapid, convenient, economic and environmental protection, safety,large capacity, low transportation cost, and the strong continuity. It is more than onehundred years that the railway from scratch and introduced from abroad to independentresearch in our country.In each historical period, the development of China’s railway technology developmentenvironment, economic environment, political environment and other factors on thedevelopment path of China’s railway plays a very important role.Railway in China has been gone through a long-term difficult and tortuous road since itsbirth, and tightly combined with the development of Chinese modern economic, political,together. Since the foundation of new China, especially after the reform and opening up,China’s railway opened a new page, which is enhancing the development speed,technological innovation emerging in endlessly. It reaches to the high-speed railway agepassing by the era of the steam engine, the internal combustion engine and diesel engine,low-speed electric era.On August1,2008, on the eve of the Beijing Olympic Games, Beijing-Tianjin intercityrailway was put into operation with maximum operating speed of350km, whichmarking our country railway into high-speed development era. Then theWuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Zheng West high speed railway,Shanghai-Nanjing intercity put into operation, which heralds that the spring ofhigh-speed railway development is coming. At present, our country’s high-speed railwayhas firmly established itself as one of the world advanced level, train speed is above300km/h, and it is toward a higher, faster and stronger goal. In brief, High speed railwayemerges under the condition of the contradiction between supply and demand of China’stransportation. Its rapid development cannot leave the development of the industrytechnology innovation.This paper uses the Industry Innovation System Model and the History-Friendly ModelSystem to study the development of the railway industry, Describes our country railway industry innovation system, analyzes the innovation influencing factors of our countryrailway transportation industry. By reviewing the history of the development of Chinarailway technology, find the key events affecting the development of China’s railwaytechnology, by scenario analysis it concludes that these potential logical relationshipbetween critical events, sets up a development history of China’s railway transportationindustry and Technology-Friend Model theory model, summarizes the main mode of thedevelopment of Chinese railway technology, directs for railway technology development,provides the theoretical reference to China’s railway transportation planning in thefuture.
Keywords/Search Tags:The railway transportation, The model of industry innovationsystem, Innovation factors, High speed railway
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