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Study On The Construction Of Public Service-Oriented Government In Local Government

Posted on:2012-06-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The current Chinese government reform is aimed to build a service-oriented government. Service-oriented government is in the framework of democracy and the rule of law, it built on the basis of citizen-orientation and social orientation. Its purpose is to realize and enhance the public interest, to promote the development of harmonious society; its main working content is to provide fair, transparent, high quality, efficient, convenient and inexpensive public product and public service to the citizens and social organizations, in order to satisfy the public demand; he starting point and the foothold of the government work methods, work style and the way of its organization arrangements is to facilitate the citizens and social organization; the government assume responsibility, service, accept the supervision of the general public and take public opinion as the main source of its legality and the basic judge criterion of the government paradigm.The theory of administrative reform in western countries has great influence on the construction of Chinese service-oriented government. by applying the new liberalism theory of economics and the management theory as the theoretical basis of the new public management, the new public management theory advocate to use the market mechanism and business management method to transform the public sector, their idea of a "customer-oriented" service concept and the diversity of management methods have certain meanings to relocate "government-people" relations and to strength the government service function. Based on democratic citizenship theory, community and civil society theory, organization humanism and post-modern public administration theory, the new public service theory advocate the use of citizenship, democracy and public interests in the new public service model to replace the new public management, it emphasize that governance should be citizen-oriented, service as the core, full participation of citizens and social organizations, and should be based on dialogue and consultation. The new public service theory has a good influence on setting a people based value for Chinese service-oriented government, its pursuit of democratic value and citizenship, the analyses to "responsibilities" and its "human" attention are all have the certain enlightenment in service-oriented government construction. Governance theory claims that Government should share the power with the civil society. It advocate citizen participation, claims to establish a coupling among government mechanism, social mechanism and the market mechanism, so that the government, the society and the market will collaborate to a new governance mode. In order to achieve good governance status, they must have the "rule of law", "transparency", "responsibility", "validity", " probity ","justice" etc. These theories are more or less becomes the reference theory for service-oriented government construction.Chinese service-oriented government construction has its profound social background. By the impact and influence of the administrative reform in some Western countries Since 1980s, service administration concept has been firmly established, and become the general pattern of national public administration; it promotes the return of the essential attribute of government. In China, the establishment of market economy and its gradual improvement require government to a fundamental transformation. In the meantime, a large number of social and livelihood problems arise, and implement the scientific concept of development has also made an urgent request to the government transformation, on the other hand, the rapid development of information technology provides a technical support to the government transformation. In this backdrop, Chinese service-oriented government construction boarded the stage of history.Service-oriented government derives from the local government trial and theoretical exploration. In recent years, under the central government drive, county-district level government has made an active exploration in service-oriented government construction. For example, some county-district level government such as Haishu Ningbo, Gulou Nanjing, Faku Liaoning, Jinjiang Chengdu have made good practices in building social participation platform, deepen the administrative examination and approval reform, implementing the public service agent, strengthening the public finance construction, promoting institutional innovation, reforming the performance appraisal etc, and have gain valuable experiences. But overall, county-district level service-oriented government building in our country is still in the exploratory stage, to some extent is facing many deep-seated problems and contradictions, shown as contradictions between the impulse to the government achievements pursuit and non-dominated social construction, the undergoing self-interest of government and the public demands of service-oriented government, the unreasonable use of public resources and a severe shortage of resources to improve people's livelihood, the sense of equality service between traditional "official-people" cultural accumulation and the service-oriented government, the institutional inertia and the operating mechanism of criterion, highly efficient, transparent which are required by service-oriented government, the system of responsible for superiors or for the public requirements etc.JieFang District JiaoZuo city made a continuous exploration in service-oriented government construction in recent years. On the one hand, continue to promote the reform of the government itself, by focus on service orientation, the government tend to make reforms and adjustments on government functions, government structure, administrative operation mode, service mechanism, financial expenditure structure, etc, the purpose of this reform is to transform the government system, mechanisms, work style and continually strengthen government services. On the other hand, JieFang district pay attention to government transformation matching, emphasize on social basic level change, and finally promote community construction, improve community management and public service functions. The enlightenment of JieFang district is that, it provides a new style for county-district level government to build a community-based social management, "government-society"collaborative governance and a new guide to a community-based public service. However, Service-oriented government construction in JieFang district also has many deficiencies, Mainly shows that some reforms has not touched the deep institution system, the new operating system is still not consummate, the government function transformation is not in place, the responsibility restraint system is not perfect, the " government-society" collaborative governance model needs further Improvement, etc. Therefore, JieFang district is still face a lot of problems in further promoting service-oriented government construction, these problems are mainly shows in the area of concept constraint, the deficiency of cadre hiring and performance appraisal system, the irrational financial system, the lack of legal support etc.To break through the realistic problems of service-oriented government construction in county-district level, we must strive to cultivate professional concept of administrative service, make serve to government workers conscious action, innovate the financial system, rationalize the distorted dissymmetric relationship between the administrative rights and financial rights, establish public financial investment in the people's livelihood constraint mechanism in order to build a financial security for the service-oriented government. Establish more efficient cadres'performance appraisal system in line with the service-oriented government construction to guide cadres to set up correct concept of achievements, strengthen the service administration accountability, forming service duty constraint mechanism; Formulate relevant laws and regulations to provide legal support for the service-oriented government construction. Therefore, the local government must press on with the development of county-district level service-oriented government construction plan, establish related regulations to regulate the government service, Reform the cadre employment system, adjust county-district level government performance evaluation system, Speed up the construction of service-oriented government legislation.
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