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Research On The Structure, The Function And The Formation Mechanisms Of The Values Of Leading Cardres

Posted on:2012-05-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116330338972702Subject:Administrative Management
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Leading cadres'values profoundly affect and dominate their selection of the methord and the orientation of their leading activities. At present, because our country is in a transitional phase of economic growth and a fortification-assaulting phase of reform.Because various problems stand out and social contradictions frequently occur,the thorough study and practice of scientific development perspective and the construction of a harmonious socialist society have generated higher demands on the formation of leading cadres'. Therefore, it is of great theoretical and practical significance to analyze the structure, function and developing mechanism of leading cadres'. Starting with the analysis of present the basic connotation and contemporary characteristics of leading cadre's, this dissertation tries to build up a framework for the theoretical analysis of the structure, function and mechanism of leading cadre's values and explore the developing mechanism and the route choice of leading cadres'in connection with the current problem of the imbalanced structure and function of leading cadres'values. The main contents and innovations are manifested as follows:Firstly, the essential connotation of the leading cadres'is explained through a comparative analysis. Trough interpretation of the connotation of leading cadres'and comparison of the leading cadres values, world outlook, outlook on life, administrative values, and the socialist core values system, the basic connotation of the leading cadres'values are summarized as the overview held by leading cadres on the efficacy and significance of the leadership affairs they are engaged in. Observed from the perspective of systematology (system theory), leading cadres are the basic conclusion of practical problems in their leading practice and are a comparatively systematic value system of leading cadres'practical work. What are the aims of leading cadres'work? What problems are to be solved? For whom are problems to be solved? All these constitute the basic connotation of leading cadres'values.Secondly, the main development mechanism of leading cadres'values in our country is explored by applying the analytical paradigm of"structure—function—mechanism"and by building the technical route of a theoretical analysis of leading cadres'. Leading cadres'values is a value system about what action they choose to take. As the basic elements of a system, namely, structure, function and mechanism, the three jointly determine the features of the system and its performance. By adopting the analytical paradigm of structure—function—mechanism, the present study mainly aims at the analysis of the causes of the formation of the special function of leading cadres'values and the exploration to establish and improve the realization mechanism and to find the right ways to enhance its functions. Through observation of the subjective and objective structures of leading cadres'values, this dissertation make a careful and detailed analysis of its level structure and its intrinsic characteristics and find out the value's positive and negative effects on leading cadres'behavior, thus putting forward the point of view that the function should be intensified from the perspective of value objective, administration means, and system supervision. The interaction between its structure and its function should be supported by some mechanism. Leading cadres'values are developed in the certain leading practice through an interactive process of a two-way objectification, with the subject internalized and the object exerting pressure. The development of such mechanism mainly includes establishing ethic self-discipline mechanism, education and training mechanism, incentive and restraint mechanism, democratic supervision, performance evaluation mechanism.Thirdly, based on the awareness of the present problems, the unbalance of the structure,functions of leading cadres'values and the corresponding causes are investigated and through analysis concerning the motivation behind the problems, the route choice of constructing leading cadres'values in our country is explored by combining the opportunity and challenge in the new period. In the current situation, the problems with the value system of some leading cadres largely emerge as the distortion of service tenets, the loss of their orientation, and the mismatch of functions, etc. In-depth studies are conducted on the main causes of the problems are studied from the motivations like guiding principles, exterior environment, social system, and self-quality, furthermore, the current new situation is also taken into consideration to analyze the main cause. For example, the multi-polarization of the world economic pattern, the different social pattern of interests, the rise of the citizen society, the development of modern technique in propagation, the tide of globalization and challenges of knowledge economy. The choice of the right route of leading cadres'values should be under the guidance of the scientific development perspectives to build a harmonious society, a society ruled by law and a service-typed government, and leading cadres should stick to the concept of running the government for the people, of devoting themselves to the people, of working the well-being for the people, of reigning for the people, and of holding power according to law and developing through innovation. On these bases, the basic routes of constructing the leading cadres'values are explored from such aspects as recognizing the significance of its development, highlighting the guidance of value education and internalized study, emphasizing its innovation and scientific development, optimizing and adjusting its structure and reinforcing the system construction and legal supervision of leading cadres'values .
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