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Sustainable Land Use In Evaluation Studies

Posted on:2002-07-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360032957175Subject:Soil science
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Human wisdom and labor had created huge social wealth and magnificent culture, accumulated rich scientific and technological knowledge and made human society get into higher stage. However the industry civilization which pushed forward human material civilization for two and more centuries had dual character. On the one hand, industry developed rapidly, science and technology expanded faster in many developed countries, on the other hand nature resources were expended extra and eco-environment was destroyed seriously meanwhile there were a large number of poverty countries and population in the world of today. For example, "empty hole" emerged in ozonosphere, desertification extended , soil and water loss was aggravated, rate of forest cover dropped rapidly and there was crisis of water and abnormal change of climate all over the world. All of those showed that nature resources quantity and environment content were limited, so traditional development model was unsustainable. Early the eighties, the world committee of environment and development(WCED) which was established for a short time published "Our Common Future" report with a milestone significance. From then on the concept of sustainable development became fashionable. Nowadays the theory thought of sustainable development have extended into various areas such as reasonable globe resources use, environment protection, ecology construction and social and economic development.Land use was direct conversation between human being and nature. The contradiction of between man and land represented the biggest conflict of interesting between people and environment. So that sustainable land use became an important component of global sustainable development strategy. Evaluation for sustainable land use was usual method to define the level of sustainable land use. Evaluation for sustainable land was an important part of land use complex system, and it had decisive effect on sustainable development strategy and sustainable land use. Evaluation for sustainable land was a new task that prospered in recent years. Although many internal and external scholars had made some inquiry about this problem to different degree, the focal points were put on theory exploration and settlement of evaluation frame. Practical utilization was on initial attempt stage. Concrete contents of evaluation on sustainable land use included study of basic theory, evaluation system, evaluation method, settlement of evaluation indexes frame. At present, most of study results were aimed at the strategy problems on space dimension of country and large region. The range indexes involved in was vary widespread, but the characteristics of inductive and operational was limited and the strength of dynamic supervision was weak. Systematic and scientific properties for index system of evaluation on sustainable land use remained to be improved, and evaluation practical examples were too less. In view of above-mentioned problems, on the basis of analysis about structure, function and characteristic of land use complex system the main frame of evaluation index system and target hierarchy were established in this thesis. Evaluation index systems of sustainable land use in county and village were set up, they were confirmed through studying on change of time-space dimension. The main results were as follows: 1 .The study of evaluation theory for sustainable land useThe study of basic concept: In view of sustainable development thought, traditional resources and economy views should been given up, land and resources should been rendered intensive connotation. So that, all of land groups were thought as land resources, which was thought foundation of strategy for sustainable land use. Analyzing from essence, land resources belong to renewable resources, and this renewable characteristics was not only reflected on the property of land carrier but also on property of land component;(2)sustainable land use: Sustainable land use was under the condition of ensuring stability of land resources to realize stab...
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