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A Study Of Market Agricultural System Leaded By Intermediary Organization

Posted on:2004-07-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z X ChiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360092490254Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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While on its way to marketazation caused by the shift in Chinese economic system, Chinese agriculture has to face the competition from more powerful agriculture of the world because of the further agriculture internationalization. But with small scale and decentralization, can farmers successfully enter into markets? Can they overcome the disadvantages of being individuals, work with concerted efforts and be competitive as a whole? These are the keys to the commercialization of Chinese agriculture and strategies in handling world's competition. So, it is undoubtedly of great importance to find a way to integrate farmers with markets to promote the orderly function of market-oriented agriculture.This paper aims at the study of the employment of operation system of agriculture marketazation under the circumstances of small scale and decentralization. It illustrates the necessary prerequisite to the research and the principal contradictions between marketazation and internationalization of agriculture, reflects and comments on academic achievements concerned to find the necessity of furthur study of it, offers new thoughts - market-centered agriculture system with intermediary organizations in the lead on the solution to contradictions. First, the system is defined theoretically and justified standardizedly and practically; then, the basic structure of the system is designed; and in the end suggestions of setting up the system are offered.The principal results of research are as follows: (1) Four great contradictions have been revealed in the process of marketazation and internationalization of agriculture. They are the contradictions between having efficiency in production fields and lack of efficiency in circulation market at a household level; between the need of the enhancement of agricultural base and the fact of particular lower agricultural interests; between the transformation in managerial model at a macro level and the lag in the construction of operational system of agricultural industries; between the push on agriculture internationalization and less competitive agriculture on a small scale. These are the indications that the adaptability of household management in market economy and the competition of agriculture are the major problems in the process.(2) To solve these problems, academic circles have done a lot of research work and advanced opinions as Theory of Intermediary Organizations, Theory of Social Service System, Theory of Organizations in Countryside, Theory of Industrialization of Agriculture and Theory of Agricultural Protection. All these have great academic and practical value.But at a deeper lever,some basic problems remain unsolved, such as: Are there any particularities in the system of agriculture marketazation? And should this problem be taken seriously? Obviously, these are the ones that are not covered by current studies. This shows that the present researches are not comprehensive and deep going. So it's necessary to find a way to solve the four contradictions and the major problems mentioned above.(3) Thoughts on the solutions to the problems should be given from another angle - "the Employment of Operation System". From the angle of system economy, the priority of any economic activities is to decide on the forms of economic organization consisting of the employment of system and operation consortiums. In general, economic organization has 3 basic forms: market organization, grade organization and intermediary organization. The last is the form with the nature of market organization and enterprise organization or of enterpriseorganization and government organization, that is, the nature of commercialization and intermediary. Different organization forms mean different employment system or an operation consortium, its nature is that different forms of division of labor and conclusion of deals are adopted. According to the diversity of economic forms, theoretically, market economic system can fall into 4 categories: market-dominant system, enterprise-dominant...
Keywords/Search Tags:agriculture marketazation, intermediary organization, market-oriented agriculture system.
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