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Interest Games In The Process Of China's Public Policy Implementation

Posted on:2008-11-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360212491499Subject:Political Theory
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As a dynamic process, public policy includes many steps such as establishment, implementation, evaluation and expiry. Public policy implementation is the core step to realize governmental administration.For public policy research, interest game is an important visual angle. Public policy, which represents consonance of all kinds of interests, not only notarizes interests, but also rectifies and distributes interests. What's more, the motive to implement public policy is connected with interest tightly.How to consider and how to conform various interests are the basic issues in the research field of China's public policy implementation that relates to complicated relationships. The principal implementation parts including governments and departments, object groups, media, and the public are all involved in the public policy process. They compete or cooperate with each other for their own interests. If we know nothing about the relationship between interests and public policy text, relationship between interests and implementation activities, relationship between concerning groups, it is for sure that we cannot understand the laws of implementation process, the sticking point and the countermeasures of implementation deficit.The dissertation based on the manifold interests' game in the process of China's public policy implementation includes six chapters.The first chapter establishes the gist of the whole dissertation. Assumption is the premise for deduction and demonstration. Any theory system following criterion and scientific knowledge should have specific assumption. Assumption of Resource Scarcity of public policy and assumption of Economic Man exist in this paper. Paradigm means law, Weltanschauung, example, model, measure, instrument, standard, and application. Here we use institutional analysis, cost-income analysis and game analysis. Theory composed by a series of logical assumptions is to explain extension phenomena. The theory of public choice and theory of public policy process run through the whole paper.The second chapter discusses the interest game between the principal implementation parts, which consist of state department, subordinate agencies, and local governments in the process of China's public policy implementation. This part analyzes the details of governmental interest game.The third chapter concentrates on the content anthropomorphizing the principal implementation parts in the process of China's public policy implementation and points out the objectivity and feasibility of outstretched interests. The author works over the interest game between public servants.The fourth chapter studies the interest game between government and object groups that include microeconomic organizations, project departments, nonprofit sector and given public.The fifth chapter analyzes the relationship between government and media, relationship between media and public opinion, and relationship between public opinion and governments' implementation.The sixth chapter stresses that conformity of multifarious interest relationship is necessity to assure public implementation tallying with public policy goal. There are also some idiographic countermeasures in this part.
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