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Occupation Profession Career: A Research On The Goal And Means As A Teacher

Posted on:2016-04-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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These nouns: occupation, profession, career, professional development, career plan, etc. are so commonly mentioned that all teachers are very familiar with. However, most teachers are actually not aware of the exact definition of these nouns, or muddle them often. And the teacher’s educational life development encounters some bottlenecks and obstacles. Which has caused harmful effect: many teachers lose the direction of personal educational life development, they’re unable to make a clear career plan.Therefore, this article aims at defining the three attributes(or statuses)of teacher’s educational life development- occupation, profession, career,presenting standards to measure the three through existing literature.In order to make it authentic and practical, the report takes Mawangdui Primary School(Furong District, Changsha City) as an sample, using the methods as documentary study, questionnaire survey,interview survey, etc. Firstly, describes the status quo of Mawangdui primary school teachers’ occupation, profession and career development.Then, list the measures taken by the school to promote the development of teachers’ educational life and the results obtained, the report also lists the problems of the school teachers’ educational life development. Finally,the report presents effective means to promote the development of teachers’ educational life based on the practice.
Keywords/Search Tags:occupation, profession, career, teacher’s educational life development
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