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An Analysis On The Employee's Occupation Career Management In A Company

Posted on:2008-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360215983812Subject:Business Administration
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The United States put forward the concept of the occupation career management in the last more than ten years by develop something to get up from the HRM theories and practice. It is important contents within the HRM.The organization passes the occupation career management to employees, can attain the balance between the HR need and the employee's occupation career need, create a high-efficiency work environment and select talent, develop the talented person and keep the talented person effectively.Therefore, the end purpose of the occupation career management is an occupation development that passes to help the employee, carrying out the development target of the enterprise.From the actual analysis and study to the occupation career of the A company, and take the HR strategy as the foundation, managing the system to the employee's occupation career, design the employee's occupation career management of programming system, carry out the occupation career manual of employees.Then, with employees' the target system of occupation development for the core contents, based on the strategy development and actions of the A company, I set up an occupation development system. It provides the dependable and valid resources for the employee's occupation development. Within the research process of the system, I still always reserved some good methods.I hope that this text can provide the opinion and lessons from the function for HR decision maker and strategic decision maker of A company, can also guide the employee's individual occupation career. Because of various factors and conditional restrict, the research of some contents of this text still needs to experience the test of time and makes use of physically of research, still have many problems to continue investigate with the analysis.
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