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The Career Development Of Primary School Teacher

Posted on:2006-09-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The research on the career development of primary school teachers focuses on two aspects. One explores the job stress, satisfaction and personal needs, the other emphasizes on teachers' professional development and qualities of working life in the perspective of the nature of primary school teachers. About the research methodology, self-made questionnaires and the view of life story contribute to the teacher's career development. The findings as follow:1. The analysis based on the age variables (physical mature) and teaching age variables (experience accumulation )about the career development of primary school teachers doesn't show any regular career cycle features, constructed by the western scholars. Irregular teaching life circle is the true situation for current teachers.2. The job stress of the primary school teachers hasn't come from their professional fields but the assessment system, criterion and over-professionalization are the main resources for the stress, even they have interfered the teachers' normal working and made them aimless in the process of working.3. Different group teachers feel obviously different about job satisfaction, the needs and qualities of working life.4. The career development of primary teachers gets no effective support from society.The disorderly interference from the organizational system and vacant support for the key fairs make the career development of teachers' not appear harmonious.
Keywords/Search Tags:career development, primary school teachers, teacher socialization
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