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Research On The Present Situation And Countermeasures Of The Teaching Management Of The Secondary Colleges In Newly-built Undergraduate Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2017-06-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L Y WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2347330512962417Subject:Higher Education
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The establishment of the college system,as well as the implementation of internal two-level management system in university and college,contribute to the reasonable allocation of resources and rights between universities and colleges,strengthen and improve college teaching management and realize the devolution of power in teaching management from the level of universities to that of colleges.It is also an important task to promote the construction of modern university system as well as a major topic faced by the newly-built undergraduate universities when turning to experienced universities.Through the analysis of H school's case we can see,there exist common problems in the process of the education management of newly-built undergraduate universities.For example,the unclear boundary of powers on two levels of universities and colleges results in an inefficient teaching management;the teaching management ability of colleges is weak and the function of the university entity does not reach the designated level;the obsolete concept and model of teaching management leads to the low management efficiency and the lack of science as well as little positive evaluation between teachers and students.The various problems and shortcomings in the teaching management of the newly-built undergraduate universities are the essential reflection of the contradiction between the leading academic management and the excessively strong administrative management in the construction of modern university system in China as well as the reflection of the inexorable law in the development of the undergraduate universities from a new-built one to an experienced one.At the same time,the mistakes made by some universities in terms of their school-running concepts and in the course of their development are also responsible for these problems.Therefore,to strengthen and improve the teaching management of the newly-built undergraduate universities needs the further clarification of the power boundary of college teaching management and the construction of scientific and effective university teaching management system.It needs to reinforce the foundation of teaching management in college and highlight the entity function of college teaching management;adhere to the returning of academic management standard,and actively promote the de-administration of universities.At the same time,the colleges and universities should strive to implement the idea of innovative development,carry out the institutional innovation and scientific research in teaching management in a deep-going way,make efforts toprovide institutional and intellectual supports for strengthening and improving the teaching management of the newly-built undergraduate universities.Under the background of popularization of higher education and the transformation development of local universities,in the perspective of the current situation of the teaching management and the problems faced by the newly-built undergraduate universities,according to research paradigm theory and modern governance theory in higher education,and in the way of investigation and case analysis,the study analyses and reveals the present situation and the deep-seated contradictions that lie in the internal management of institutions of higher learning in our country at present stage.It also puts forward the strategies and suggestions to strengthen and improve the teaching management of newly-built undergraduate universities.The study not only further enriches and expands the connotation and the form of higher education management theory with Chinese characteristics,but also provides a cognitive and practical reference for newly-built undergraduate universities to deal with contradictions and problems in the process of their establishment and construction for a better result in the great cause of their transformation development.
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