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Development And Implementation Of Training Plan For Newly-built Colleges And Universities Of Applied Talents

Posted on:2015-02-12Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L F JiaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2297330467970934Subject:Fine Arts
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Content: The thesis “Development and implementation of training planfor newly-built colleges and universities of applied talents--take theenvironmental art design specialty as an example”, mainly with the newly builtundergraduate colleges and universities to the applied development as the backgroundand development and implementation of training plan of applied talents as theresearch object,through the methods of investigation,interviews and analysis, sumsup the development principles, ideas, procedures and practical application ofcultivating applied talents,and discusses the security conditions to accomplish theproject of cultivating applied talents from six aspects.Training plan for newly-built colleges and universities of applied talents, as thegeneral blueprint and implementation plan of achieving goal and basic demand oftraining applied talents, is the main basis and basic file during the processof training applied talents which universities and colleges organize and manage. Withthe development of social and regional economy, the talent requirements of newlybuilt undergraduate colleges and universities are also constantly increasing,especially the demands for talent comprehensive qualities and abilities. In addition,the rapid development of higher vocational college and the steady development of theprevious undergraduate colleges and universities result in greater impact on the talentmarket and the newly built undergraduate colleges and universities. It needs newrequirements of the transformation of newly built undergraduate colleges anduniversities of applied talents training scheme. Further more, it is of great practicalsignificance to optimize the training scheme.The introduction presents the research background, significance and domesticand international research on the development of undergraduate talents trainingscheme, and defines the object of study in this thesis.The first chapter introduces the concept,orientation and characteristics of appliedtalent training scheme.And according to its characteristics, it exposes the importance and uniqueness of developing the training plan of newly built undergraduate collegesand universities of applied talents.The second chapter discusses the newly built undergraduate course colleges anduniversities,after fulfilling the status transformation for the first time, under theguidance of transforming into the applied which is put forward by the nationaleducation department, and analyses the main problems encountered in the process ofdevelopment of applied talents training scheme, which are mainly manifested onnon-adaption to the developments of local economic, of colleges and universities,orof the students’ personalities.The third chapter expounds non-adaption to the above three aspects, proposesthe newly built undergraduate colleges and universities should stick to thedevelopment of applied talents training scheme,indicates the guiding ideology andbasic ideas of the development,and takes the development of applied talents ofenvironmental art design speciality as an example.The fourth chapter,mainly in the implementation phase after the developmentcompletion of training plan for newly-built colleges and universities of appliedtalents,explains in detail from the following six aspects:the curriculum integrationand optimization,the deeply enterprise cooperation,the troop construction of appliedteachers, the second classroom,and evaluation and quality monitoring system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Newly built undergraduate colleges and universities, Applied talents, The talent training scheme, The development of, Environmental art design
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