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A Case Study Of Institutional Analysis Of The Relationship Between Teaching And Scientific Research In Newly-Built Undergraduate Colleges

Posted on:2018-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The relationship between teaching and scientific research in colleges and universities is one of the basic subject of higher education theory research,also is the focus in the field of higher education practice.The relationship between teaching and research in different types and different levels of colleges and universities shows a different relationship pattern.This paper takes the N college of the newly-built undergraduate colleges as an example,uses the investigation and the institutional analysis method to study the teaching and scientific research relations of the newly-built undergraduate colleges so as to reveal and explain the particularity of the relationship between teaching and scientific research.A survey of N College founds:(1)The newly-built undergraduate colleges exist more serious "emphasis on scientific research despise teaching" phenomenon,performance for the sharp rise in the number of research papers,the increasing number of research projects,and scientific research awards winning a steady growth in the number;while the number of teaching research papers slow grows,the number of teaching research projects on the weak increase,significantly decreasing of teaching achievement awards in the number.(2)With the school upgrade,teachers have a certain change in the orientation of the school as well as teaching and scientific research.However,the ability of scientific research and the level of the newly-built undergraduate colleges is low,still teaching-based,lack of inherent motivation of scientific research.Although there is a general belief that there is a positive correlation between teaching and research,there is a separation in practice.Scientific research has not promoted teaching generation,teaching has not promoted the development of scientific research ether.(3)Teachers generally believe that the school,faculty policy and the nature of the discipline are the most important factors that affect the relationship between teaching and scientific research.These incentives system of “national scientific research”lead to the “scientific research first”position of strength,and constantly squeezing teaching living space,which make teaching gradually marginalized.(4)N college has the institutional orientation of “emphasis on scientific research despise teaching”,which leads to the existence of “look down on research and teaching” in teachers practice.The relationship between teaching and scientific research show a serious alienation.The alienation of the relationship between teaching and scientific research in the newly-built undergraduate colleges is the result of the interaction between the internal institutions and the external institutions.The potential academic capital represented by the scientific research reward system and the cultural capital represented by the title evaluation system have inspired teachers' scientific research enthusiasm,and completed the primitive accumulation of academic capital,and both have the effect of strengthening each other.The institutional philosophy of “scientific research first” makes the academic capital gains that much higher than that of teaching.The teaching system has not been converted to the real personal interests to the greatest extent,and the teaching is in the situation of “concept of important,in fact,the edge”,while classroom teaching quality and education results are biased.Each evaluation institutions of the government-led,university ranking institution and a standard teaching and research behavior of the ban system,with enforcing role norms and values or the newly-built undergraduate colleges,embodies the nation authority to control of higer education.The academic capitalization of the internal institution and the external strong incentive academic championships together create the institutional dependencies of the newly-built undergraduate colleges,in order to maximize the resources needed for school development and to maximize capital.The root of the alienation of the relationship between teaching and scientific research in the newly-built undergraduate colleges lies in the spread of the national governance pattern "the project system" in the field of higher education."Project system" is a kind of positive encouragement to obey the rules,and it follows the behavior logic of the doctrine of the matter.The newly-built undergraduate colleges hope to achieve the multiplication of the academic capital with the help of the project,to gain the maximum benefit,to obtain the institutional identity,so as to take a positive attitude and behavior pattern towards the project system.In the course of the implementation,the project system with the dependency of the bureaucratic system achieves the joint control of academic power in newly-built undergraduate colleges.The newly-built undergraduate colleges in the project system under the condition of "black box operation",tend to take some anti-control behavior.The reason is that the project system has a great conflict with the local knowledge background of the newly-built undergraduate colleges,which strengthened the organization atmosphere of the burearcratic system in the newly-built undergraduate colleges,distorted teaching and scientific research of academic value orientation of the newly-built undergraduate colleges,and also separated the whole teaching and scientific research.To solve the problem of alienation in the relationship between teaching and scientific research in newly-built undergraduate colleges,it is necessary to carry out institutional innovation from the following aspects.First,newly-built undergraduate colleges should be treated as educational institutions;the second is to design the same profits of teaching and research cost-benefit system;third is to build a new ly-built undergraduate colleges of teaching academic system,incorporate the teaching academic into teachers evaluation and incentive system,establish training system of teachers' teaching academic,and actively build teaching academic support agencies.In addition,the newly-built undergraduate colleges also need to innovate talent training model under the guidance of the concept of science and teaching,in order to achieve teaching and scientific research to serve the personnel training.And it must to be innovate the teacher management sytem.
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