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Research On The Core Competency-Oriented Business Process Reengineering For Chongqing Yuanda Environmental-Protection (Group) CO., LTD.

Posted on:2003-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092965974Subject:Industrial Engineering
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With the economy becoming international in 21st, century, the existence and growth of Chinese medium- and small-sized enterprises have been the focus of all circles, especially the Chinese enterpreneurs. Facing hot market competition, it is necessary to hold the core competencies to have to power for continuous development. However, nowadays the enterprises are generally facing the problems of unreasonable organization configuration, deficiency of human resources utilization, and weakness of technology developmental power, etc. All these problems dramatically affect the enterprise' competing power. It is only through reengineering management to integrate various resources, can the potential powers of the enterprise be discovered to gain the advantage of competition and continuous development. Business process reengineering is an advanced management mode, which can greatly prompts the enterprise' competition by changing the business processes, organization configuration, etc.This paper takes Chongqing Yuanda Environmental-Protection (Group) CO., LTD as the study object, approaches a new management way of core competency-oriented business process reengineering. The competency of Chongqing Yuanda Environmental-Protection (Group) CO., analyzed and evaluated in aspects of the enterprise' outside competing environment and characters with the core- competency locked as technique, project management, capital collection, and qualification. Aiming at how to enhance the core competency, this paper deeply analyses the approach of business reengineering in aspects of project-driven processes reengineering, organization reconfiguration, and marketing, etc. The development of the enterprise proves the availability of this study. The fruit of this paper not only contributes to managers planning and implementing the better developmental policies and referees for future business dicision-making for Chongqing Yuanda Environmental-Protection (Group) CO., LTD., but also help for other enterprises of the same industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Core competency, Business Process Reengineering, Enterprise Management
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