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IT Item Risk Management And Practice

Posted on:2004-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Nowadays, as China has become one of the members of WTO, managers of IT (Information Technology) enterprises have been searching for a way to solve the problems of how to manage a enterprise scientifically so as to encourage the development workers, raise the production rate of newly developed IT trade, meet the needs of the customers in time at the predicted cost and make productions that can survive on the world market. As IT project in China still lays behind, the problem does not lay in technique itself but in the management. That is how to manage it scientifically. Here we focus on the application and experiment of IT project engineering theory and management which are in urgent need.This thesis describes in a simple way the basic concept, methods and skills of the IT project risk management on the base of deep research of IT project risk management and work on the management of IT project for over ten years, especially on the experiment and failures in the management of IT item, and concludes several key points on IT items management.IT project management contains nine fields of knowledge: the management of project scale, the management of item, the management of cost, the management of quality, the management of risk, the management of stuff, the management of purchasing, the management of communication, and the macro management of item. It also contains five processes: the process of starting item, the process of making project plan, the process of executing, the process of supervisory control and the process of ending. Risk management is a very important factor. It is related to other fields of knowledge and goes through every process. The object of the risk management is to maximize the return and to minimize the risk. The risk management includes the risk recognition, the risk prediction, the risk estimation, the risk plan ,the risk control and the risk supervisory. It is a continuing process and can be carried in any step of the period.Up to now the risk management is lacking in strong realization of management, the base of exact cost, good management system or execution of the system, organization of special skills, good-considered plan, the realization of risk and the willing of joining in.The general characters of IT project are the following: the object is not very clear; the task is without definite limitation; the need of customers are changing frequently. All above leads to longer period and more cost Besides, the IT project is of high density of intelligence and much influenced by labour sources. It s result is directly affected by the stuff' construction, their responsibility, ability and stability. All these explains that IT risk management is different from risk management of other items.IT risk management also contains several steps: information collection, risk analysis, methods development, and risk control. This thesis describes it's basic methods and basic skills with practical examples to explain each step.The author's institute received an project of safe construction of computer information system. At the beginning of the plan, adapting the method of risk management, the author collected useful information, managed to find out risk factors, analyzed the existing risk and finally, according to the result, made safe method such as to use skills, to predict cost and to make schedule. During the executive process, risk control was used and new risk was found and immediately the method was improved. At last the work was successfully completed.Trough theory study and practice, the following experiments are concluded:a. The risk management at present is far from demanding level;b. As a senior IT manager , he should carry out risk management .If he can do himself, he should suggest or put forward an executive example of risk management;c. Training is important In our country, the level of risk management is lower and there is lack of person of capability. The country should train such capable men;d. Risk management should be applied in any items;...
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