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Research On The Application Of Virtual Enterprise In Domestic Construction Industry

Posted on:2005-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H DuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122986562Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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There exists imminence demand in domestic project management for change from traditional mode to international general mode such as EPC and D-B. This change is the necessary appeal to develop domestic construction industry and also the objective require to meet the international demand after entering into WTO. Construction companies have many things to do in order to meet the change, and cultivate the core competence of enterprise.According to the character of domestic construction industry and development trend of organization, this paper research the application of virtual enterprise in domestic construction industry, discuss a mode in which company with limited source develop the core competence of enterprise. The idea of virtual enterprise is to deal with things that the enterprise is good at, that means the core part of the work, and leave the other work(non-core parts of the work) to other participants. So the company can concentrate on the development of core competence.With the normative research method, this paper at first analyzes the concepts, ideas, characteristics of virtual enterprise and the fundamental model of operation, explains the cause of the origin and evolution of virtual enterprise, advances the original background and definition of virtual construction. By a comparison between virtual construction and traditional project management organization mode, the fundamental conditions of the application of virtual construction in domestic construction industry are analyzed from aspects of the change of project management organization mode, the basis of cooperation and the degree of information modernization. Because of the continual development of virtual construction in practice, this paper makes further study on its concept and meaning, gives description of the process and system structure of virtual construction and the select principle of cooperate partner. In this paper, the effect of virtual construction mode upon the construction enterprise's organization structure is analyzed. Combined with the latest trend of organization development, the concept and progress of organization virtualization is advanced in this paper. The enterprise organization structure is ceaselessly developing accompanied with the thorough progress of organization virtualization. Finally, the application perspective of virtual enterprise in domestic construction industry is analyzed, some advices on promoting the application of virtual enterprise in domestic constructionindustry are proposed. The result of this paper has great significance to the promotion of competitive ability of domestic construction enterprises under the new economic situation and the change of current enterprise structure in construction industry.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Enterprise, Virtual Construction, Networking, Core Competence
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