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Study Of Cross-Culture Motivation Mechanism About Human Resource

Posted on:2005-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H R ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125462371Subject:Literature and art
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With the growing integration of the world economy, the international management of enterprise has already become an unavoidable tendency. The utilization of the global resources, especially the Human Resources has become the guarantee that keeps each enterprise successful. How to motivate effectively the talent from different cultures and bring their enthusiasm, initiative and creativity into play, has become an important question that the administrators of every country or organization need to consider carefully. This thesis summed up the motivation theories systematically from the viewpoint of Cross-Cultural communication and dialogue. And with reference to the motivation mechanism of U.S.A. and Japan, under the guide of Hofstede's national culture Four-Dimension, this thesis aims to provide valuable suggestion and reference for the Chinese enterprises in setting up effective talent's motivation mechanism. The whole thesis is divided into four parts:First, Cross-Culture motivation mechanism research: A key factor in global talent war. Era calls for talent, talent advance the cause. In the era of globalization, countries and organizations are fighting fiercely for talent as rare resources. So how to motivate talent from different cultures is becoming a very important and urgent question. The establishment of Cross-Culture motivation mechanism is being more and more concerned by people.Second, Cross-Culture motivation theories and the main modes. The basic aim of the motivation theories research lie in developing people's latent energy to the maximum extent, and creating more material wealth and spiritual wealth, thus realizing the goal of organization. According to emphasis of study,the motivation theories can be divided into two types: Content theories and Process theories. Since the subject and object of motivation are both human, hypothesis of human nature decides the mode of motivation.Third, the Four-Dimension of national culture in studying Cross-Culture motivation mechanism. The influences of cultural factors on motivation are omni-directional and exist through the whole process. The culture of different country (or the nationality) influences the motivation theories and practices enormously. The ideas of culture, especially understanding of and faith in human nature, will influence the forming and operations of motivation mechanism deeply. However the culture is profound and difficult to percept, it is very difficult to measure. In this situation, Dutch Professor Hofstede, created the theory of Four-Dimension of national culture and made the initiative contribution.Fourth, reference and innovation: Exploring the motivation mechanism Characteristic of China in practice. In the Era of economic globalization, U.S.A. and Japanese adhere to their own cultural characteristics, forming their own talent motivation mechanism with its own advantages. The thought patterns between East and West are different, so motivation mechanism Characteristic of China should be built on Chinese culture, thought and history, adhering to and making advantage of the roots. At the same time we should refer to and absorb the motivation theories and motivation mechanisms of other cultures, so that a motivation mechanism of talent Characteristic of China can be created.
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