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Innovation Of Public Administration Modal Based On Service-Government

Posted on:2006-12-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360152481177Subject:Administrative Management
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The Service-Government is under the guidance of citizen's and social standard idea, under the frame of whole social democratic order , through due course of law , set up according to citizen will, serving for the people and undertaking to the serve responsibility. The Service-Government rose from the newly public governance sports since sixty or seventy times of the 20th century of the west. In socialist China, the construction of Service-Government itself is one of the socialist questions. Especially, with the development of socialist market economy and the promotion of socialist political and civilized, constructing Service-Government, which is a new function mode of government, has already become very urgent. This paper is the concrete practice problem about the government's mode theory and contemporary Chinese government management mode innovation. Since carrying the opening-up policy in, China has made the achievement of world interest in economic development. With the gradual obvious economic globalization trend and the constant changeable international political and economic situation, especially new opportunity and new challenge that brought after the accession to the WTO of China, we think that studying the innovative question of the Chinese government management modes at present has very important meanings as to promoting the construction of the socialist material and spiritual civilization of China. This article is made up of three parts. In the first part, we have explained the Service-Government's meaning and characteristics, and put forward that the Service-Government is the goal choice which of the Chinese government management modes innovation. In the second part, we have made a concrete analysis of some questions and their reasons existing in the management mode of Chinese government at present, and indicated the necessity of the contemporary Chinese government management mode innovation. Finally, we have expounded in detail from four respects that establishing the Service-Government, and promoting the way that government's management mode innovates.
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