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Quantitative Assessment Of Sustainable Development Of Compound System In Ejin Oasis

Posted on:2006-11-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360152990062Subject:Physical geography
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Ecological environment is a foundation for the existence and development of human society. However, with mankind's pursuing economic benefits day by day, the ecological environment has been suffering unprecedented destruction. Hierefore, it is particularly significant how to coordinate the relation between nature and human to achieve a harmonious development pattern for both the ecological environment improvement and social economy development. Ecological economics, based on an introspection of the relationship between human and nature, is to develop such a harmonious relationship between economic growth and ecological environment protection, has become one hotspot nowadays both domestic and abroad. Water is one of the most important factors in arid and half arid districts. At present, water shortage has become a vital restricting factor of the social and economic developments in the downstream of Heine River, causing a great deal of ecological environment problems. Therefore, this thesis, focusing on Ejin Oasis of Heihe River downstream, using ecological theory and method of economics, is to study the compound system of oasis water-ecology-economy, aiming at offering certain theoretical guidance for a rational water utilization in oasis, so that the ecological environment and social economy of the region develops harmoniously. The thesis divides into five parts altogether.The first part introduces the study background, sketches the current frontal studies of ecological economy and hot problems domestic and abroad, and describes the purpose and significance, as well as the research theory, method and technological route used in the study.In the second part, the situation of the compound system of oasis water-ecology-economy is introduced and the problems of the system are analyzed, including summing up the natural environment and social economic situation in the oasis, expounding the compound system from the three respects of water resource system (the water resource in the earth's surface and groundwater resource), ecosystem (forest ecosystem , grassland ecosystem ,etc.) and economic system in detail, and analyzing present problems of the system.Thirdly, the compound system of oasis water-ecology-economy is quantitatively assessed using ecological economic theory and method. The quantitative assessment of sustainable development is the frontal of the ecological economics research and one of the hotspots, its concrete method is to establish the system of indexes and carry on a comprehensive appraisal. By filtering all the indexes of the compound system of oasis water-ecology-economy with grey related method, the evaluation index system for the oasis compound system is established, and the comprehensive appraisal of the compound oasis system is carried out by sustainable developing degree. The appraisal results are as follows: the sustainable level (developing location L) is as high as 0.6272 in 2002. Among them, the developing location(L) of the natural resources is 0.5204, and L of economic subsystem is 0.1068. It proves that the level of development and utilization of natural resources is relatively high, but the level of economic development is relatively low. The sustainable development ability (developing tendency P) is 0.3728 and is relatively low; the compound systematic coordination degree (H) is 0. 3782 and is also low, indicating it is in an incongruous state; the compound systematic sustainable developing degree (D) is 0.4455 and is a weak sustainable development. Compared with the results of 2000 (L=0.4914, P=0.5086, H=0.4169, D=0.4678), the 2002 compound system is in a more incongruous, sustainable developing state, which is in accordance with the degradating ecological environment status quo and the lag economy on the oasis. So it is a main task to coordinate the water resource, ecological environment and economic development in the area in the future.The fourth part, on the basis of the ration assessment, constructive measures for a harmonious development of the oasis water resource system, ecosystem and...
Keywords/Search Tags:Ejin Oasis, Compound system, Quantitative assessment of sustainable development, Develop harmoniously.
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